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androidicon_uk Greetings all, London calling. I know that a lot of you  are regular readers of and like me, don’t originate from the US of A.  I hope that by being able to contribute a post or two and hopefully more, I will be able to help AG show a different perspective which I hope you will enjoy.  I currently also write for my own blog, which I hope you will visit at some stage.  As with all my posts, I encourage you to comment, argue, disagree or even buy me a pint ( preferably the latter) as I learn far more from my readers than I do from any other sources.

What an amazing week we have had here in London with not just one android handset being launched, but two!  I had an enjoyable weekend going round the mobile mile near oxford circus, playing with some great android kit.  The phone of the moment is clearly the newly launched Motorola DEXT.  Orange has pulled out all the stops by putting huge posters of it in every one of their store windows and even having a 1 metre long replica taking up nearly the whole store. (Sadly the security guard wouldn’t let me take a picture- but I will keep trying.) I was also pleasantly surprised to see it featured on the huge project screens on the tube, as well as plastered across a multitude of newspapers.  Orange has clearly bet big on this device and it seems to have created the desired effect.

The guys at the Orange stores were particularly excited by the phone and spoke with a great deal of passion about it.  The Moto people had clearly been showing off their stuff because every store I went into had at least one live model to demo and had staff who knew enough about the product to answer my questions.

Morrison_FrontOpen_4, 6/3/09, 9:49 AM,  8C, 4168x3248 (976+2176), 100%, bent 6 adjuste,  1/15 s, R78.9, G63.0, B90.7 I had to feign interest in a contract (sorry guys!) just to get my hands on it and see what the phone was about.  After spending about 20 minutes going through the options, I must admit that I was very impressed.  The phone feels very solid, quite rugged, but still has the styling flare to make it an attractive phone. I was also amazed at how thin the device was and how nice it felt to type on the keyboard.  The directional pad seems to take up a lot of space, and I personally would have preferred a full size keyboard without it.  The camera is great, weighing in at a market leading 5MP- the few pictures I snapped seemed really clear and were a good step up from the G1.

In terms of the software, this is where the device really starts to shine. The Moto Blur software is a great step up from the stock Android platform. It also includes some fantastic enhancements such as unified messaging and loads of applications like Facebook and Twitter included in as standard.  Also, make sure you test out the photo gallery- they have really excelled and Phones4U thinks it might just be the best produced to date.

I must admit that I was tempted there and then to walk out with one, however the lack of 12 month contract option, and the thought of missing out on the Motorola Tao, kept me from signing on the dotted line. I have been promised a review handset soon, so I am looking forward to giving it a proper test run and to see what details I can bring you from a more extended trial.

For those of you in the UK, the Motorola DEXT has limited stock available in most Orange stores.

  • branon

    What about lag …given that it has the same processor as the G1?

    • c0z

      How about, "What about battery life?" 10,000 widgets later… 😀

  • A S

    Why wouldn't the security guard let you take a picture of the phone replica? Wouldn't that be a draw for more people to come and check it out? People can be strange… and strangely stupid at times.

    Don't you have the option in UK of returning the phone within 14 days and getting a full refund?

    • c0z

      I was told by the Dutch supervisor at my work that a lot of stores in Europe don't have return policies unless the item is not functioning. Starting to wonder if there's truth behind that! Scary.

  • pjv

    Hi Androidbloke,

    I'll be visiting London soon. What is currently the best deal on a sim-unlocked Android phone (Hero or DEXT or alike) without contract in London? Do sim-unlocked phones even exist? In what street/neighborhood can I find a cluster of stores offering Android phones?

    Thanks for any travel tips!

  • Motorola DEXT as it is known here in the UK is the new mobile phone released by Motorola Inc on October 2009 in the UK on Orange Network. This Dext from Motorola is powered by Android based operating system and has built-in social networking capabilities.

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