Motorola “Droid” It Is [VIDEO]

sholes_tao_007You know how we know the Motorola Sholes is going to be called the “Droid” ?  Because the phone says so when you turn it on.  Behold a video of the Droid booting up – video that comes from, you guessed it, Boy Genius Report.

The short :35 clip doesn’t tell us much about the phone as it stops right after unlocking the home screen.  We don’t know the OS, presumably Android 2.0 (Eclair) but we don’t see MOTOBLUR anywhere.  And if anyone had any doubt where the phone was headed, it’s plain as day.  “Verizon Wireless” sitting at the top center.

Who wants to disable that startup sound already?

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  • i actually don't mind the sound…so long as i don't have to keep rebooting every few hours. 😛

  • Kyle

    2.0 won't be released until Q2 2010 (read that yesterday on Engadget, I believe).

    • Won't be released to anyone other than Motorola for the Droid, they have it exclusive for a while.

  • SiI

    Seems to boot pretty quick… and response to the unlock gesture. Can't wait to get one

  • Yorick

    Several people have had their hands on this device and there's still nothing on Eclair? That's what I really care about 😛

  • BKdroid

    I like the start-up sound. But, like rufphus said, I don't want to hear it all the time. Cylon theme, anyone? Now I just have to decide between this and the A1.

  • o2Do

    You know what, I am sick of Google's crap, Motorola gets it exclusive for a while. I love android, I really do but the crap they are pulling, needs to stop. If it is true that it is a Moto exclusive, my hope that android would change the Handset game and cripple apple's grip on the nads of us all will die.

    I know I sound like a fanboy or whatev, but this is crap, Open Source Exclusivity is a stupid. I hope they don't do that and make it available to devs etc. before Q2 2010.

    /kicks google square in the nuts for pulling this crap.

    • c0z

      I have to agree with you about exclusivity. I think it is a poor choice for the Android platform, since it's supposed to be an "everyone participate" kind of community.

  • o2Do

    darn I should type slower and proof read 😛