Motorola’s Banking on Android, 8 OPhones Due in 2010

motorola_android_backgroundThe Cliq is coming in a matter of weeks, but Motorola has no intention of stopping there. The former king of mobile is looking for a comeback and is betting Android is the Moses that leads them back to the Promised Land.

“We will deliver the vast majority of our devices in 2010 on Android,” Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha said recently. With an announcement of a second Android phone planned for sometime before the end of the year, the focus at Motorola is now clearly on Android.

It’s exciting to see a powerhouse like Motorola betting so strongly on Android. Getting out of the gate properly is key and if the early buzz and general excitement over Cliq being so positive is any indication, then Motorola’s future looks bright. The Android snowball continues downhill, gaining speed and momentum!

Motorola also plans to ship 8 handsets using the custom OPhone flavor of Android for China Mobile in 2010.  The world’s largest carrier (in terms of subscribers) should boost Motorola’s market share being that they currently have nearly half a billion customers.

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  • While this is all good news (mainly for Android), I think most will wait and see how their phones compare in both function and price…. I hated the whole Razor line, and to many friends of mine that got it, ended up hating it too. I hope they put tons of thought into the phones instead of pushing out the same phone, different look (as they ended up doing to the Razor line..). The Cliq looks nice, and I am thinking about getting it for my wife. They do have some tough competitors to go up against.

  • I hope the Sholes/Tao has as good of a fit & finish as the brushed steel/aluminum RAZR's. Those were amazing aesthetically. Oh yeah, it has to keep working also.

  • YouKnowItRules!

    Welcome Back Moto, I Know you've learned from the Razor. And while the Cliq is not perfect, its build quality is amazing and I love the Industrial style when its done right!

    I look forward to seeing the whole line! All I can say is

    BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brak

    I keep getting this odd distinct feeling tho that the Droid is going to have some weird issue that hinders its success, and not on the software side so much but–oh i dunno. Knock on wood

  • thedudeabides

    I have confidence in moto's hardware capabilities: the best phone, in terms of reliability, that I've ever owned was a Q. It seems like they release a tremendously popular handest when the pressure is on to regain their market stature, StarTac, RAZR….I'm crossing my fingers for the droid

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