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forcecloseSometimes sites have a catchy name but lose out when it comes to content. wins points on both fronts. Foreclose is a question and answer site dedicated exclusively to Android.

The questions posted vary from the simple “How do I delete an icon from my homescreen” to the more technical “How to apply third party recovery image without rooting” with a smattering of the interesting “Hidden Gems– little known apps”.

The site is 100% free to the user and as of this posting is also free of any advertising.  Additionally it does not require you to register to either ask or answer a question but some tasks are restricted to those with an OpenID account. Forceclose is run by those that visit it.  The site rewards loyalty through something it refers to as “reputation”.  Reputation on Forceclose is not given but earned; the more you prove yourself on the site the more you are allowed to do on the site!

Do you have an Android question no matter what your level of comfort with Android is? Do you enjoy helping out Android newbies? If you answered yes to either question then you might want to give a visit.

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  • It's a pretty cool site. Stack Overflow for Android.

  • Jose

    Blue Screen of Death for Android? Haha, either one works.

  • they have google adsense ads on the right hand side…

  • I meant the site that Force Close is based on.

  • Jose

    Ugh, they sure do lordhong (great name btw)! I missed that! They are small enough to be unnoticed, at least by me! Sorry about that – thanks for the clarification!!!

    • Isaac Waller

      The ads are only to pay for StackExchange (the engine Force Close is run on) – I have no desire to profit from Force Close.

      • Jose

        Thanks for the clarification Isaac! More to come on!!