Rhapsody to Hit Android by End of the Year

Shortly after releasing the Rhapsody app to iTunes, RealNetworks has announced via the company blog (and a teaser photo) that a Rhapsody app will be available on the Android Market “before the end of the year.”

For those who do not know,Rhapsody is an on-demand music streaming service which allows instant access to their six-million plus library of songs. Assuming the Android version will offer the same features as the iTunes app, we should expect the app to have a clean user interface, unique artist biographies, and the ability to add tracks to a queue from both the web and the device.

Rhapsody requires a $15 (USD) monthly subscription for unlimited plays and offers a seven-day free trial.

With European on-demand streaming service Spotify anticipating an early 2010 launch in the United States, we may soon find ourselves in the middle of a revolutionized digital music marketplace as the current leaders and new players compete for an edge.

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  1. Jonny
    October 16, 22:59 Reply

    Call me old-fashioned, but I can't fathom using a service where I don't own my music.

    • ErikH2000
      November 24, 00:18 Reply

      @Jonny: I am calling you old-fashioned. If you can just play nearly any song you want at any time, you just stop worrying about ownership. Try it! Most songs are available for MP3 purchase on Rhapsody as well.

  2. HereAndNow
    October 17, 17:35 Reply


    I'm actually looking forward to the day when I don't have to manage:

    1. CDs
    – packing & carrying boxes full of them, when I move.
    – trying to locate the CD I want, out of a huge stack or binder.
    – ripping them to MP3s.
    – worrying about dirt & damage.
    – …

    2. MP3s
    – having to back them up, in case the HDD crashes.
    – having to organize them in my library.
    – wishing I had purchased MP3s at a better bit rate.
    – wishing I had ripped the CDs at a better bit rate.
    – having used one compression technology & a better compression technology comes along in the future.
    – not having them instantly available on every devices I use (smartphone, MP3 player, PC, eReader, …), without setting up my own media server, etc.
    – …

    As long as the subscription services carry the music I like, I don't mind paying a few dollars each month for the convenience & freedom.

  3. @shadewind
    October 18, 18:33 Reply

    I completely agree!

    How does this compare to Spotify, which we have here in Europe?

  4. Kiesha
    December 16, 08:39 Reply

    I can't wait until Rhapsody is available on Android. My old non smart phone was compatible with Rhapsody but sadly my new Android phone is not and I miss having access to whatever songs I want.

  5. Adrian
    January 08, 19:12 Reply

    Yes, it is 2010 and the Nexus One is out already! I absolutely love the phone and with Rhapsody would be the most perfect ever!!

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