Treasure Trove of Android 2.0 Screens and Features

android_donut_018We were expecting something like this any day now from Boy Genius Report.  They’ve been teasing us with pictures and video these last few days so we were just waiting for the flood.  Today sees them leaking 32 screen grabs from Android 2.0 along with a whole host of features and upgrades.  There’s a lot more to look forward to than we’ve been led to believe.  This is a major update to the OS.  We’ll list a few bullet points of items we find exciting and then follow up with the images. 

For the full-on article, head to the source himself.

  • Native Exchange support
  • Native Facebook support (syncs with contacts)
  • Browser improvements (double tap to zoom)
  • Completely updated Map, includes Layers (Transit, Wikipedia, etc)
  • Unified email Inbox
  • Multi-touch gestures (two-finger tapping in Maps)
  • YouTube widget (2 click uploads)
  • Car Home (Application meant to be used in car. Consolidated list of icons that helps you if you’re driving.)
  • Contacts have sub-menu with pertinent information for each entry (facebook, SMS, etc)

As pointed out by BGR, the build they have on their phone is not necessarily the same as what will land on handsets later this year or next.  Things can, and may, change.  With that out of the way, here’s what you came for.

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  1. Andrex
    October 16, 20:55 Reply

    I like all of this.

    A lot.

    But the one thing I'm most looking forward to is runnable apps off of SD, and I don't even have a handset yet.

  2. Ryan
    October 16, 21:15 Reply

    Awesome, i can't wait to get my hands on this stuff…


  3. Paolo Amoroso
    October 16, 21:35 Reply

    Will the browser ever have folders for grouping bookmarks?

  4. Helmore
    October 16, 22:03 Reply

    It should have those if rumors are to be believed. As there have been quite a couple of hints at bookmark syncing between the desktop Chrome browser and the browser in Android and you can have bookmark folders in Chrome.

  5. TareX
    October 17, 00:30 Reply

    I have to say Eclair looks "not bad"…. If only the menus (e.g. Settings) weren't as ugly as ever, and if only they changed the font to something more eye-friendly and elegant like that on webOS…

    All in all, I expected more… because there have been skins for quite a long time that do almost everything Eclair offers, sometimes even better.

  6. A S
    October 17, 05:39 Reply

    So… where's the link-respect to BGR?

  7. optional
    October 17, 13:42 Reply

    But where is T9, a regular Filebrowser with bluetooth file-exchange and fileupload in browser??? This are the things I really miss!!

  8. Tom
    October 28, 15:02 Reply

    When they talk about "Exchange Support" are they talking about only Mail, Calendar, and Contacts, or will it include Notes and Tasks as well?

  9. @taradinoc
    October 30, 04:04 Reply

    Looks like the new lock screen FINALLY shows the day of the week!

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