March 30, 2015

Verizon Takes iPhone Directly on with "Droid Does" Campaign [VIDEO]

droiddoesThis is the ad campaign we’ve all been waiting for. Verizon has decided to step up to the plate and show Sprint and T-Mobile how to generate serious interest in Android. And what’s the trick?  TELL PEOPLE WHAT IT DOES.  Start there.

Beginning this evening, Verizon Wireless is running a commercial that points out all the shortcomings of the iPhone with quotes like “iDon’t Have a Real Keyboard” and “iDon’t Run Simultaneous Apps”.  Finally, a platform that can do more, paired with a carrier ready to spend more.

The ad has a definite “Apple” feel to it with the pop/folk song and simple black on white font.  One thing is certain – Verizon is not afraid to take on AT&T or Apple.  Their previous “There’s a Map for That” commercial show just how much larger their data network is compared to 2nd place AT&T.

The website has a countdown running with numbers replaced by unique carriers.  A little bit of math and Encyclopedia Brown work reveal a timer that expires on October 30.  The commercial simply mentions “November”.  Why conflicting date?  Perhaps the countdown reveals an interactive demo site or pre-order ability.  We’ll see in a few weeks!

For now, head to the site and register for information and try to contain yourself.  If you’re curious as to what happens when you sign up, you get an email like the one below!


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  1. Todd A

    Oh heck yeah ! Now THAT's what I've been waiting for. Still could have said more about the Android platform specifically, but this is COOL !!!

  2. Rob

    It's iCommercial meets District 9.
    SWEET! They were with the suspense angle and I think it will work.

  3. carig

    ahh, it's the freaky "droid" sound sound from the BGR startup video

    it looks like verizon's throwing some serious marketing heft behind this phone, i wonder if they're placing more chips on the droid then the storm 2

    their "there's a map for that" commercial is actually pretty good so the droid might see some serious popularity

  4. Benoit

    There is a problem with that ad. They refer to a direct opponent. They need to create their own identity, not the identity "Apple's concurrent". Otherwise, when they will overpass Apple and become #1, they will need to change their identity, wich may confuse the basic customer.

    So my point is, that's a funny ad, but later they have to build up their own identity, without refering to anyone else.

    PS: sorry for my poor english, it's not my first language

  5. Mike D

    Yea… will Verizon actually come out with a competitive price plan to go with the new phone??

  6. Y314K

    Now remember… This is the second salvo at the IPhone…

    The first one was “There is a map for that…”

    They went after crappy ATT first… They destroyed them with their coverage map… & now they are free to go after the hardware…

    Can’t wait for the third face of their plan…

  7. iPaul Pro

    I saw this ad during the Yankees / Angels ALCS game Saturday night and during the Giants / Saints (NFL) game Sunday afternoon! I've already had numerous friends ask me if I've seen the "Android" ad. This is great!

    I am so excited to see Motorola going directly after Apple and the iPhone. It will only help Android that the device is named Droid, and I'm sure that is why Moto chose it (considering the LucasFilm licensing).

    The takeover has begun.

  8. Y314K

    Raphaels: Exactly… They would have like one Iphone guy… And like 12+ Android guyz… Since Android comes in multiple flavors… I am partial to HTC flavor myself… But much respect for Moto, Google & Verizon for going balls deep into this campaign… I say NUKE them…

  9. mac man

    this phone will be dismissed like the rest of the iphone challengers!!!! And as far as the 3g commercial it is another lie about where there is coverage. I live in one of the areas that Verizon states there is no coverage and my iphone works like a champ. Keep trying you will never have the backing like Apple puts behind products!

    • jkj

      I agree, no one has the product support that Apple has or the quality materials, it just another plastic phone with plastic parts.

  10. Todd A

    mac man, the Verizon Droid is just the next handset in this multi-manufacturer and multi-carrier support of an obviously more full-featured, and more open mobile platform than the world has ever seen. And, btw, I also use a Mac (with XP also), so I don't have grudge against Apple. But, to delude yourself that all of the various Android-supporting companies don't have the where-with-all to compete with Apple, you're mistaken. Not to mention, Apple is walking the same proprietary path that they did almost 30 years ago with the Apple //. They nearly lost the company back then, I hope that doesn't happen now.

  11. Pneumonic

    I unfortunately have to agree with mac man. The biggest problem with the whole "it's an open phone" argument is that it isn't. Point in case is the whole Google vs Cyanogen. They sent a developer a cease and desist order. That's not very open. (Yes I understand Google's argument, but it's still asinine, and it does nothing to foster good relations between the open source community and google). Furthermore, if you flash a new rom onto your phone you void your warranty. That doesn't sound like choice to me either.

    I'm no apple fanboy. They make good products. That's it. I'm actually an avid linux user. I rooted for the android so hard. But to be honest, it really has failed. Where are the games? Where's the openness? And when a provider can tell google to pull an app from the market, it definitely doesn't say open. I'm just sayin'.

    • David

      Why is Google's argument "asinine"? It's no different from any other application developer who sells their apps on the Market. They produced apps for use on the Android operating system, and they get to specify who has the rights to use them. As more and more Android devices are introduced, not all of them will be "Google Enabled" devices. I'm sure that Google is well compensated for the rights to put their name and apps on a device – those apps shouldn't be available for free on non-Google Enabled devices. Don't get me wrong – I'm a supporter of Cyanogen, and I love his ROM's (just upgraded to 4.1.9999 this morning). And when the G1 was the only Android device, none of this really mattered. Google has the right to protect their property, though, as the Android ecosystem grows.

    • David

      Again, just to be clear – the order sent to Cyanogen in no way restricted what any user has the right to run on their phone, with the exception of applications that are the property of Google.

  12. droidtastic

    get the facts before trying to look like you know what you are talking about buddy….you have stated one side of things without talking about the other side. There was another side to the whole google vs cyanogen thing, in the end it hasnt made a difference its just made the community better, and cyanogen is right back there at the top doing what he does best. And also incase you dindnt know you can unroot a phone if you want something done on warranty no probs.

    your arguments dont stand up and are abit lame from an "avid linux user"….I'm just sayin' innit.

  13. DMAGIC448

    This is the assult on Apple I have been waiting on! Android has so much more functionality than the iPhone & I have been waiting on Google/HTC/TMobile to emphasize that in some kinda way, Im just glad that Verizon/Motorola had the balls to do it. Like I tell all my iPhone fan bay friends, "Its nothing OSX can do that Android cant, but there is plenty Android can do that OSX cant "….In software, Andriod wins hands down, now Android needs some hardware to match because right now, the iPhone is the sexiest device on the market

  14. Spartin F71

    November 9th is the date …Simple countdown timer …. Can't wait!… DROID will Rule!!!


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