What’s on your FlyScreen?

flydroid_flyscreenOk, now that the dust has settled and FlyScreen is firm, fit and ready for install it’s time to share what you’re FlyScreening! Incidentally, there is no truth to the rumor that despite losing a whopping 4.2MB in such a short time that FlyScreen has signed up as the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Anyway, on to the subject at hand, you and your FlyScreen!

FlyScreen widget options are plentiful and the customization opens the app up to lots of opportunities. So, what are you FlyScreening? Here is my list.

I’m a sports fanatic so this was a given.

I don’t update much but I really enjoying seeing how someone I haven’t talked to twenty years is enjoy a pancake breakfast with coffee. It’s a weird voyeuristic rush that I can’t seem to quit.

WSJ Financial News
My brother in law, a very successful financial stud, told me once it doesn’t matter how much money you make, its how much money you keep that matters! Good advice. This helps me find new ways to do just that and also helps me remember his advice when I see the new THIS or THAT gadget thingy that I really want!

I need to tweet more. This should help keep me better connected to my followers. They are kind of lonely.

NBA – CBS Sports
A very good friend of mine was a buddy of Michael Cooper of the Lakers back in the 80’s. After the game he would go into the locker room and I hung out with the Lakers wives, girlfriends and um, potential girlfriends. Fun times. In spite of that embarrassment I remain a huge basketball fan!

Cause I’m a full fledged card carrying geek!

See above

I don’t remember the movie but Steve Martin played a bored weatherman in LA, matter of fact I think the movie was called “LA Story.” Why was he bored you might ask, well because I could be a weatherman in LA. “Today’s weather calls for mid 70’s with a slight breeze.” Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – doesn’t really matter much here. So, why does the weather widget grace my FlyScreen? I don’t know, I just like it. It’s kind of colorful!

Custom App
I got a little creative here and used the custom widget option to track all the new apps on the Android Market. Each updated or new app is sent to my FlyScreen! If not for this customization I might have missed the new cutting-edge Tom Hanks Ring Clip!!  Here is the url if you like the idea, http://feeds2.feedburner.com/AndrolibUS.

Well, that’s it for me. What’s on your FlyScreen?

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  1. WootRoot
    October 18, 19:25 Reply

    FlyScreen dropped that size due to it removing the copy protection. The app itself has always been < 3mb 😀

    AndroidGuys (of course)

  2. @andru47
    October 18, 19:32 Reply

    Keeping it simple,

    Calendar, Twitter, and Facebook

  3. Chuck Falzone
    October 18, 19:51 Reply

    NYTimes Most Emailed (custom rss)
    CBS2 Chicago News (not great, will probably replace with another source of local news)
    Lifehacker Top Stores (custom rss)
    The Onion

    It really is a great app. Will probably trim down to half a dozen widgets or so…

  4. c0z
    October 18, 20:07 Reply

    Twitter, AndroidGuys, Engadget, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, SMS, and Weather.

  5. Raphaels
    October 18, 20:10 Reply

    Tried it… it didn't accept my login details for twitter after too many tries… uninstalled.

  6. Pants are Tight
    October 18, 20:44 Reply

    RedTube RSS feed, RocketTube RSS feed, YouPorn RSS feed, Fox News Anchorwomen Calendar RSS feed, a couple of other RSS feeds.

    • Jose
      October 19, 14:31 Reply

      Um, thanks for sharing…. I think… :)

  7. Matt
    October 19, 02:03 Reply

    Flyscreen is almost on the outs for me. It appears that there might be a bug on rooted phones that makes the default Android screen still pop up before Flyscreen does. This means that if I want to actually use my phone, I have to press the menu key twice, and if I want to use Flyscreen, I have to press the menu key once, making the whole purpose of the app irrelevant.

    I've kept it pretty simple:

    The Onion

    I just added the calendar app, but it doesn't really show me anything, just the dates of the month, and I can't change any settings at all, even to make the week start on Sunday instead of Monday. Overall I'm pretty "meh" on Flyscreen. Until I see some different, more useful widgets, I don't see much use for it. I just don't understand reading feeds in that format, either. Especially when I'll just be scrolling through those headlines in my Google Reader later anyway.

  8. Abhiroop
    October 19, 08:23 Reply

    I tried the beta a while back but found it to be largely useless. I mean the point of the lock screen is to keep the phone locked! Flyscreen would require another lock screen!!

  9. o2Do
    October 19, 14:30 Reply

    teh flyscreen rocks. I am on a rooted phone, and mine goes straight to flyscreen, no double lock. Also, it does have a little bug (or maybe it is just mine/rooted phones) if flyscreen is on and locked, hit the home key and it goes home :/

    Anyway, I think it is a great app, but needs more customization features. I won't unistall but wait for it to come. Here is my setup:

    Venture Beat
    ESPN Football
    The Onion

  10. Chris
    October 20, 06:50 Reply

    Tied it and loved the idea but had to uninstall. My phone kept waking up everytime it got the slightest nugge in my pocket. Every time I got it out it was trying to tweet something or call someone. Until they fix the whole phonelock issue it is a no-go for me. I'm really sad as I love the app otherwise.

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