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radarWe get a lot of emails from developers looking to share their apps with us.  Whether they are improvements on existing apps or new titles looking for some exposure, we try to do our best to keep up on the announcements.  Unfortunately, time prohibits us from dedicating full posts on every app that comes across our inbox.

Having said that, today sees us kicking off a new section called “App Radar” which essentially aims to put Android applications on your radar.  These could be upgrades and enhancements on software you already own, early peaks at forthcoming software, or just some love for the little guys.

TorProxy is an app that makes it possible to use Internet sites and services anonymously from your Android handset. It  can be used by other Android apps to obtain an anonymous Internet application.   Want to browse the internet anonymously?  You’ll want to grab a web browser which uses TorProxy such as Shadow.

Shadow is an Android browser that allows anonymous web browsing from your handset.  On top of using the Tor network for anonymous information retrieval, Shadow also helps you manage the cookies sent to the browser and protect your browsing history.

tinyshopperTiny Shopper is a no-frills shopping list application focused on design and simplicity.  The app offers one main input field where users put in the item, price, and quantity  (e.g. “Bread, $0.89, 2”).  Don’t know the price or the quantity?  Leave ’em blank and Tiny Shopper puts in default values. The app also keeps a real time calculation of your list and the items that are physically in your cart so you’re constantly aware of how much you are spending or expect to spend. You can find Tiny Shopper in the Android Market for free, but if you’d like to toss the developer a bone, there’s also a “donation edition” for $1.29 which goes towards future development of the application.

Popular note-taking/idea capturing/inspiration grabbing service Evernote is seeking  beta testers of their Android app.  If you’re looking for a way to store and access your photos, notes, and more, you should check it out.  The app promises the ability to capture text, ink notes, snapshots of whiteboards and wine labels, clips of webpages, and much more!

Colombia Games is in the final stages of their ‘Antarctica‘ puzzle game which takes queues from Tetris, Bejeweled and Puyo Puyo.  Global warming has caused damage all around the world and a gigantic avalanche has frozen several species in Antarctica!  Players control an Eskimo who tries to defrost the animals with help from Dragoons and Yetis.  Current improvements being worked on are the use of more 3D elements in the game, background changes dawn,morning,evening and night) as well as ambiencel effects like rain, polar lights and snow based actual date!

Do you have an app that we should be talking about?  Send us an email to info @ and we’d be happy to incorporate it into an upcoming App Radar!

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