BGR Continues to Tease With Droid Gallery

verizon_droid_bgr001Don’t ask us how, but Boy Genius Rerport has been pretty much the only source for Verizon Droid details these last few weeks.  Whether it’s pictures, videos, or hands-on impressions, it seems like they’re the only one who has one of these to play with.  Regardless, we don’t mind a little link-love in Android’s name. 

What you see below are a handful of pictures that belong to an entire gallery of pictures showing the Droid in almost every angle imaginable.  The anticipation level for this phone is nearing “off the charts” so we’re very happy to see the “in the wild” shots that aren’t blurry.

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  1. TareX
    October 19, 19:22 Reply

    Easily the best hardware Android is getting, but the design leaves MUCH to be desired…. I mean did they just slap a generic keyboard on that phone?

    But again, huge WVGA widescreen + fast processor + qwerty + SUPER THIN…. wow…

  2. Brian Ansorge
    October 28, 12:19 Reply

    Wow. I so unimpressed. I've been waiting soooo long — as a *very* loyal Verizon customer —for a *phone* that would help me with my iPhone envy. This phone is ugly. Keyboard? Puhhhlease.

    Give me something simple. This is a giant step *backward* as far as I am concerned. I'm am willing to try *something* besides an actual iPhone to replace my ancient RAZR *phone,* but this "phone" is *not* it.

    The best OS (which remains to be seen) can *not* make a "silk purse out of a sow's ear." This phone (and any other over-complicated, keyboard-bearing POS) is a Sow's Ear. Period. Epic Fail. Coolness factor = Zero.

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