Verizon and Motorola Hosting Invitation-Only Event Next Week

droid_teaser_inviteI wonder what exactly it is that Verizon and Motorola are going to announce next week.  A press invite has started making the rounds today advising of an October 28th event which promises to “unveil the most desirable phone of 2009”.  The accompanying picture has what appears to be a cross between the Eye of Sauron and HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Does anyone know what this could be for?

iDon’t have a clue.


  • jonathan

    im all about android, but this is what i dont like. just like the iphone they tell us whats hot or not? no, plus the fact that im not invited.

  • Sanjay

    The curry scented iFart will be wickedly cool & compelling!
    Give me my 104 million dollars NOW

  • Hello

    I have been following…and waiting for the phone…But I am getting very tired of all this bullshxx. Let's get on with it or fuxx it.

  • iDon't get the last line of the article….. 🙂

  • Starbuck

    It looks like Motorola stole the looks of the Cylon Centurion "eye" BattleStar Galactica producers will be suing over this and expect royalties in the area of 200 million dollars. It appears to me that Motorola management doesn't care about the ethics & morals of respecting the IP of others, We'll see you in court.

  • Dave Haynie

    Naa… that's either a moving HAL eye, or the one from Gort ("The Day the Earth Stood Still). Probably the latter.. Gort is kind of an android, eh?

    Klaatu barada nikto!

  • I think that might be a picture of the phone. Back top of it (upside down) showing the camera lens, with some lighting effects to make it look eerier. One of it's new features is the ability to take pictures in the dark right? Just a thought…

  • TechAdGuy

    I love Android but Verizon is doing nothing with this campaign to take Android to the masses. Do they think by targeting only male geeks (who are already sold), that they are going to take on the iPhone. They need to fire that ad agency that put together this ridiculous campaign and fast.

    Basic advertising principle: "The brand that immediately compares itself to its rival, right out of the gate, has already lost"

    Get with it Verizon. We want Android to succeed but this ain't the route for that.

  • Stephen H

    Agree with TechAdGuy. Just look at the comments around the web. Geeks (me included) are the only ones excited about this phone. It won't get mass adoption because..lets face it..normal people don't know or care what operating system is running on their phone. They just want it to be simple and have a killer UI that makes the learning curve low. Like it or not – that's where Apple flat out nailed it. Why the hell didn't Motorola put Blur on this thing. At least then so non-tech folks would actually pick it up in the store. I want one but I'm a geek at heart. It would be interesting to see how many people pick this up in the store, look next to it at some iclone like an LG Dare and opt for that. I'm scared it's going to bomb except with us more technical folks who really understand the power of Android.

  • joey

    Whatever happened to Cliq? it seems like a month after seeing "the phone to have", there is a new one. Will this ever stop? Why dont we all wait for about a year and see if Droid is indeed the last one? I think the carriers love this since they get to collect the early termination fee by shuttling us poor geeks between themselves. like a ping-pong ball.

    It was G1 first, then the myTouch, then it was the Hero, then it was the Cliq, then it was the Moment, and now this.

    I aint complainin' tho, competition leading to innovation i guess..

  • TareX

    For me, these are all nice fillers to read about and watch videos of till my Tegra 2 equipped, 4.3" qwerty phone arrives 🙂

  • One thing we need to remember is that this commercial was not put all over the television like the iphone one was. My wife and I have still never seen it while watching TV. It looks cool but until we know the exact and full specs who cares. If it does not have snapdragon f 1ghz or more who cares it will be out of date in no time. Anyone can throw in a 5mp or better camera but what really matters is the processor and the hardware. Hopefully they make the new ones like the droid in terms of it being thin with a physical keyboard and a 5MP camera or more. The WIFI antenna and battery also need to be extremely better as well for it to be the "great camera of the year". Marketing does not make up for the specs of a camera.

  • Yeah iknow im getting tired of the curtains as well just draw them so the wizard can be revealed, otherwise imight be disappointed, after all my patience and time invested.

    And for people that never seen the commercial you are rare. ex

    iremember that Motorola said they were gonna spend xxx (a lot of $$$) on advertising. And the first live television commercial isee was during the NFL match up between the undefeated Saints and the Giants. I'm not a fan of either team but iwanted to watch that game like millions of people did. If the specs are what they are believed to be its a disappointment. Although ido love the screen.

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