Droid Specs Leak Out

droid_does_specsMotorola briefly had detailed specs for the Droid up on its site today. They’re long gone now, but leave it to Boy Genius Report to be there to get all the screenshots.

Some highlights:

  • Browser supports HTML5. Hellooo, Google Wave! Can we assume that’ll be true of the Android 2.0 browser generally, not just on the Droid?
  • Flash 10 in 2010
  • The 5MP camera has a dual LED flash and image stabilization!
  • Processor speed: 550 mHz. Five-fifty mega-effing-hertz? Hmmm…
  • Color: “licorice w/brown sugar accents”
  • “Proximity and ambient light” sensors

Edit: Engadget got screenshots, too. Same info, but better resolution.  A few images courtesy of Phandroid.

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  • TareX

    I totally agree. I cannot think of anyone who can figure out what the commercials are about other than tech-savvy geeks who refresh Engadget every minute….. A huge fail.

    Also, as a geek, I want to have a phone that other normal people know and appreciate. It is the popular belief that iPhone is the epitome of human technology simply because all other superior phones cannot market themselves better.

  • Dan

    alot of people seems to focus on the 550mhz processor alone, but this phone comes with a separate GPU.. utlimately this phone is comparable to the 1mhz

    • Helmore

      It depends on what you claim to be a separate GPU, the Quallcomm MSM7200 (that's in all currently available Android phones) also has a GPU that is just a separate as the GPU in the OMAP 3 and the MSM7200 is no barn burner. If you consider the GPU in the OMAP 3 used in this phone to be a separate GPU, then Tegra, Snapdragon MSM7200, every single PC/laptop and many more also have a 'separate' GPU.
      I've seen no data on what clockspeed the GPU is running at though, so it will be tough to tell what kind of performance to expect out of it. At least it supports the latest mobile graphics standards.

  • TareX

    Yeah…. I am disappointed that Flash 10 hasn't made it to Android phones yet. It's Q4 2009.

  • Nedjo

    it's not separate GPU! OMAP is SoC – System On Chip and it has CPU, DSP, GPU and many other controllers in a single chip die.

  • Are you serious? Your boyfriend had to download a Task Killer for you? The reason the iPoo is faster is because it can only do one thing at a time. No Multi-tasking allowed. If people are too dumb to understand the iWORD naming on the Verizon commercial….chances are they would never be able to use a "Smart" phone anyway.

  • love the gadget so much.. nice..

  • the architecture is still face some issue..

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