March 27, 2015

HTC Hands Keys to Hero Kingdom Over to Developers

hero_kernelUp until now, developers looking to create a great Hero/Sense ROM have had a difficult time. With no open-source kernel to work with, anyone wanting to mod or customize a Hero build has has to work with limited resources. That will no longer be the case, thanks to HTC.

HTC has made the full Hero kernel available to the public through their developer center. It shouldn’t be too long before the XDA guys start churning out some very fast, totally enhanced modifications. This marks the 4th Android kernel from HTC behind the Dream/G1, Magic, and ADP1.

Source: IntoMobile

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  1. shaneaus

    These files have been available for awhile now. Xda-devs have been using them for updates and many ROMs they have cooked already have features/data integrated into the builds.


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