Wall Street’s Bullish on Android

wall_street_bullIt’s fun to read about the buzz Android is creating with all of the news about new handsets and carriers. It’s also fun to brag that you were an early adopter of the platform that the mobile industry is finally taking note of. But, the truth is. nothing matters if the money doesn’t follow. Some may take take exception with this, but, it all comes down to the money. It rarely matters what the “it” is, if Wall Street isn’t excited the road becomes a lot more bumpy.

Motorola has gone “all-in” with Android and that gamble seems to have earned it some early gains in both the “buzz” and financial categories. Motorola rose over 8% Monday on investor anticipation that its second Android phone would be a hit!

That phone of course is the upcoming Droid from Verizon. The excitement that impressed Wall Street may have as much to do with Verizon‘s aggressive marketing campaign as the early positive reviews for the phone. Clearly, the gloves are off and it’s Android vs iPhone and Wall Street is looking on with an early “thumbs up” for Motorola and Android.

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