Where’s the Barnes & Noble eReader App for Android?

android_bn_ereader_appOne of the hottest topics in Android this week has been the new Barnes & Noble “nook” ebook Reader.  Among the first Android-based devices of its kind, the device is sure to be a hot seller this holiday season.  After all, it has plenty of features that the Amazon Kindle 2 does not.

Take for instance the LendMe technology which allows users to share their digital books with others.   Not only can you share your book for 2 weeks with fellow nook owners, but there is also support for , iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, PC, and Mac OS.  So where’s Android?  After all, the nook is based off Android.


Fret not.  It appears that plans are under way for Android and Windows Mobile editions of the eReader software.  If you browse through the nook Fact Sheet (PDF), you’ll see on page 3 that Android is mentioned with the other devices.  This leads us to believe that an app is already in progress.

  • c0z

    About time… it's probably only since the reader has Android running on it for the store.

  • If the nook in based on Android, there should already be an Android client.

  • They demoed the Android version at CTIA. I think it is coming to the Market November 30 when the Nook is released.

  • Raul

    Thank you for this article!!! I was trying to find this out since i heard about the nook!

  • Eric

    Ok so when is it coming out????

    My sony reader died and I am going to buy a nook after christmas so I need something! If I start buying books I want them compatable and I gots my Droid sitting here!

    The ereader.com reader will not be suporting the DRM version from B&N so help!

    • Michele

      Actually, putting the BN books on the Android phone works with the Fictionwise eReader. The local versions of the BN books should be stored at "My BN eBooks{your email address}" on your hard drive. I just copied them over to the eReader folder on my Android phone SD card. Once eReader is started, the books should be in the list. When you try to open the book, you'll need to put in your name and credit card number to authorize it. Then it should open. (It did for me.)

      • I tried this with a new ebook purchase today and it works great –

        -buy the book at barnesandnoble.com
        -download the .pdb to your computer
        -connect your android phone to computer
        -drag the pdb file to the ereader folder on the SD card

        Like Michele said the 1st time you open it using ereader be prepared to enter your name and credit card number you used to purchase it on b&n.com. after that it works great.

        Anyone know how to get the book cover art to show on the list of ebooks in Ereader??

        • Ok, and just to make sure, you checked that it doesn't just charge you again, right? Sounds odd that you have to enter your credit card info.

          Also, can anyone from AndroidGuys poke them to find out when the official app is coming out already?

  • diana

    This sucks…I just purchased a book before the release date, anxiously awaited the day to arrive when I could download and it is in .epub version not .pdb so my Android or Palm T/X can't load it on my eReader. I installed the Aldiko app to open the .epub but since it is drm it won't open…I get an error message. The customer support at bn.com say that I can't get a refund because I successfully downloaded it to my computer…well duh. I had to do that to import or install on my reading device that won't work. They said to "stay tune" that they will soon have an app for Android. So I guess I'll be chained to my computer to read the book. Very poor service I'd say.

  • wordnibbler

    I purchased NOOK books to read on my netbook and then got a 7″MID android for christmas. Sounded great figured I could dl a NOOK app for that. WRONG BN does not offer one currently…. but I figure they are waiting for people to give up and buy their NOOK EReader. good luck with that …greedy Bwords.

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