T-Mobile’s Project Dark Sees the Light

even_more_liveAfter weeks of speculation and guessing, T-Mobile‘s Project Dark campaign has gone live.  No longer one of the worst kept secrets in the cellular industry, new rate plans have officially started today for both individuals and families.

Single line rates start at $39.99 on the Even More plans and $59.99 for Even More Plus plans.  If you’re looking to do a shared bucket of minutes, they range from $59.99 (750 min) on up for Even More  and $109.99 pm Even More Plus.

Even More Plan features

  • Great phone discounts with 2 Year Contract
  • FREE nationwide T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling
  • FREE Nights and Weekends
  • Whenever Minutes® you can use whenever

Even More Plus features

  • No annual contract
  • Best monthly rate plan pricing
  • FREE nationwide T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling
  • FREE Nights and Weekends
  • FREE Overage Alerts for non-unlimited plans
  • Whenever Minutes® you can use whenever

Thanks to all of you who sent this in today!

  • Somehow as a T-Mobile customer, I cant help to feel let down. I think I am cheaper where I am at.

  • jkgamer

    However, for us Android users you should note that unlimitted web still comes at a premium price. $30.00 for Andorid Web OR $40.00 for Android Web+text. That's $20.00 more than non-Android phones ($10 + $10). I personally am a bit disappointed. While my 3-line unlimited talk+text family plan + Android drops just short of $25.00 bucks, it's no competition killer, in my opinion.

    • you should also note that that's not true

  • Yah the hype really killed this. I really do see myself moving back to Verizon/Alltel after this. Coverage is just simply to spotty. Speeds are blazing fast on the 3G but the 3G is like nowhere.

  • graciemay

    Enjoy your service with Verizon/Alltell – you’re going to pay $99.99 for unlimited minutes, $14.99 for unlimited texting, and $24.99 (minimum) for web = $139.97 and you will locked into a two year contract (not required on T-Mobile). Same exact plan on T-Mobile is $79.99. That’s a difference of $59.98 a month, over the course of two years is $1,439.52 more to have service with VZW. Wow.

  • David

    So…this new plan says that there's no annual contract attached to it. Does that mean that I can switch to this plan, then drop it and go to another provider? That doesn't make sense…

    • trent

      no if you are currently in a 2yr contract with tmo, they will charge you ETF to switch to the non contract plan

      • David

        So new customers can sign on without an ETF, but if you're already a customer you have to stay for the life of the contract? Doesn't make much sense that they would punish their long-time customers this way. If this is true, then I'm *definitely* leaving.

  • yes they do charge you if you are locked in now. I do understand what Verizon will charge me but what I consider is that I get coverage EVERYWHERE where with T-Mo i have spotty coverage at best when not in big cities. And you are way off base with the Verizon plans. Go to there website and you will see PDA/Smartphones are only $79 for 450 minutes and unlimited everything else. Most people are on verizon and alltel so its practically unlimited minutes for me. I would rather have better coverage for a higher price to be honest. I love T-Mo and am not a big fan of Verizon but you cannot argue that they have huge coverage and 3G almost everywhere. They invest $60 million a month on tower upgrades, look at their financials. I simply have to go with the better option and where i moved to T-mo has zero coverage when inside any building and thats just crazy.

    • as long as you are fine with 450 minutes = practically unlimited???….doesn't seem like the quite the same thing considering that you can get 50 more minutes for $20 cheaper per month at T-mo.

    • Rubin

      your incorrect here "Go to there website and you will see PDA/Smartphones are only $79 for 450 minutes and unlimited everything else. Most people are on verizon and alltel so its practically unlimited minutes for me. "

      and verizon uses CDMA not GSM on most of their phones. Now verizon has been talking about going to GSM but they don't want to because CDMA signal strength is much higher but is much slower then GSM. Example of this saying how CDMA is like Dialup internet, it works everywhere but its very slow, while GSM is like Cable/DSL, its not available everywhere but its much faster.

      priceing wise, 79.99 for unlimited min-txt-data is much cheaper then ATT and VERIZON. Att iPhone costs $800 with no contract and costs me about $150 a month for phone service. While with a MyTouch3G I can either buy it for $400 or pay $20 a month for 20 months and have a monthly bill of $79.99. Not sure about you but I would rather take the MyTouch3G because I don't like paying for everything nor do I like the idea of paying almost $70 more a month or $1680 more over 2 years. Almost $1700 is alot of money.

      • meanmcclean

        Problem is if you go with the 79.99 option you are still paying 99.99 if you purchase a phone, if you choose the flex-pay option, or simply pay the full cost of said phone upfront. choose the contract option and you still have your two year deal that Verizon offers to get better upfront pricing on the phone. Verizon has better coverage point blank period even in big cities is T-Mobiles 3g spotty at best unfortunately.

        Personally I was lucky to have been given a similar plan awhile back from T-Mobile for being a loyal customer. 80 bucks unlimited minutes(2 lines), (got screwed on the g1 data plan) 25 for data(x2)(used to be 20), 40 bucks for additional line, 20 for unlimited text, 18 for insurance. Now thats 208.00 b4 tax. Same plan with these new Project Dark plans cost me 248.00. Same thing on the no contract option 248.00. Grandfathered it is for me but with android full steam ahead on Big V, I might make the jump over as these plans have left nothing to be desired.

        Now on a compatible plan with Verizon, 2100 shared minutes unlimited m2m, calling, 10 favorites or whatever you wanna call it, nights, weekends, Vcast, email, web, text, insurance for 263.00. 15 more than this current project dark plan with way more features. less minutes this is true but better coverage. plus i get a 20% discount from my job so it brings my cost down to 213.00. what would be the smarter decision in your opinion? Android is coming and i'll be leaving…

        • your priceing is horrible. something is wrong with your numbers…it should only cost you 139.99 for two lines of everything, mins+txt+web. Also you can pay for the phone upfront if you like or pay it off month to month, not everybody has 200-400 to drop on a phone likes it nothing. I just did this for my customer yesterday. We got two MyTouch3G and they are now paying 179.99 a month which includes the phone. It's still better priceing in the long run for they dont' have to pay for the phone in full up front and they get a full plan. And why you paying 18 for insurance its only 6 bucks each you should be paying only 12. sounds like your not saying the full truth or you just dont' know what your talking about.

          as far as coverage is concerned yes verizion has the best CDMA network no dought but like my example last time.

          " Example of this saying how CDMA is like Dialup internet, it works everywhere but its very slow, while GSM is like Cable/DSL, its not available everywhere but its much faster."

  • T-Mobile will not charge you a cancellation fee if you have not "recently" renewed or upgraded your contract. My girlfriend signed a 2-year Android contract in March and paid only $35 to switch to the 500 min EMP this morning. She will be saving ~$30 a month, and can now finance a new phone at any given time! YMMV, but her results were incredible!

  • Bruce

    The new thousand minute plans are not as good as what I already have on my mT3G. I'm locked in for two years, but I'm paying far less than I would for the new two year plan. My phone is subsidized, but I am paying less than the new, subsidy free 1000 minute month to month plan. Partly this is because I have 400 texts a month included in my plan instead of paying extra for unlimited texting.

    My conclusion is this: if you want 1000 minutes per month and an android phone, these new rates are going to hurt.

  • The Project Dark prices are not that great.

    I'm not a heavy talker over the phone…:-)
    My plan is only 300 mins talk, with 100 texts and unlimited data. The data is the part i use most. I pay about $55/month on average, taxes included.

    The Project Dark prices may be good for some, but it's not for everyone, it seems :-).

    • Rubin

      lets keep this in mind, you don't use your phone alot for what 90% of the world use their phone. Most people talk and LOTS OF TEXTs. You are not the norm.

  • If you go to T-Mobile.com you can cancel your contract and go to the Even More Plus plan for only $35. I had more than one year left on my contract and it still let me only pay $35 to transfer over. So now I wait until verizon gets the snapdragon phone and get that. Do not want to leave but man in Ohio you have absolute crap coverage with anyone except Verizon/Alltel. Not happy going back to CDMA but no matter how good the phone is if it does not have coverage its no bueno.

    • so very true, which is why i tell all my customers you need to get whats best for your area. I fortunetly live in chicago land area so we have amazing coverage everywhere except Lake Forest and other Forested Areas. but that can go the same with almost any provider.

  • I also suspect that pricing for phones with T-Mobile will start to change drastically. New phones will be the typical $499 w/o contract and $199 w/contract type of thing, but I'd be willing to bet that the retail prices start falling with the subsidized prices. Like how the MyTouch 3G dropped not long ago from $199 w/contract to $149 w/contract, I bet T-Mobile starts having "sales" for the full price too.

    • Remember one thing, every company redces their prices because they know they will get the phone paid for either when you pay for it all up front or you pay for via your plans which is why i noticed the even more plus plans are $20 cheaper a month then the even more plans.

  • The project Dark prices are nothing to get excited about. I expected something more when I first heard about the coming release. Always looking for new deals… 😉
    But at the moment I'm sticking to the Straight Talk unlimited deal available from Wal-Mart: $45 gets you unlimited everything on Verizon's network. Kinda hard to beat that one.