Asurion Mobile AddressBook Marries Social Content with Traditional Contacts

asurion_mobile_addressbookOne of the most talked about features in both BLUR and Sense is how they marry social networks together with traditional phone contacts.  Widgets are “take it or leave it” for the most part, but people are fond of the integration between twitter, Facebook, and phone numbers and email addresses.  Asurion Mobile‘s newly announced app, AddressBook, makes this possible for any Android handset.

I’ve had the chance to play with this app over the last few days and I have to say I am quite impressed.  There is a great deal of customization and personalization that can be done with Asurion Mobile AddressBook to make the application work for you.  The app uses “MixIns –  to give the user a choice as to what services and content they integrate with their contacts.  Want to pull twitter and Flickr feeds and have them working for you in the background?  Done.  The MixIns available today also include Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon.  There’s also a chess game you can play with other AddressBook users that notifies you when it’s your move.  I recently spent some time talking with members of the Asurion Mobile team and asked what other MixIns might be coming done the road and they mentioned that they have dozens lined up.

One of my favorite features in the app is called Smart Contacts.  Let’s say you want to call Papa John’s for some pizza and you need to find the local chain.  Instead of doing a Google Search or manually tracking down the closest shop, you can add the restaurant as a Smart Contact.  This way, whenever you click on the name within your contacts, you are instantly given all Papa Johns spots near you based on your current location.  On a business trip?  Same thing.  Pull up Papa Johns and get a whole new list.   Of course, I added Starbucks and Japanese food to my list right away.  I need to know where the best sushi is when I travel!

As a G1 owner, I love this app.  It gives me all the features of Sense UI that I have come to appreciate with the Hero, but without spending any money.  Not only do I get to keep using my handset, but the app itself is free too. The user interface is clean and intuitive – two key points I look for whenever I try out an app that tries to mesh multiple services together. I have not run into any instances where I felt overwhelmed or confused by what the AddressBook was trying to do.

As it was explained to me during my discussion with them, Asurion Mobile AddressBook separates the social media ‘chatter’ from the stuff that matters.   I can focus on what’s coming in and not worry about where it’s coming from. This is a solid app that should appeal to stock Android users as well as those with customer user interfaces.  What is already a strong contact/phonebook replacement application has plenty of potential.

You can grab Assurion Mobile AddressBook from the Android Market for free starting today tomorrow!  You’ll also be able to download the application at  Expect a press release and full launch Tuesday, October 27th.

  • whyur

    WHAT A JOKE and ity is not April 1st…no app and none on the link..what a poor article, losing a reader…this is the third time FALSE misleading …

    • daniel

      chill, the app is in a closed beta state, links are in the article.

  • Yes… I must ask, where the heck is the app?

  • Michael

    You guys are retarded….

    How about you try clicking the link in the article before crying you can't find it…

    I would try this, but since I already have the HTC Hero, I have no need, but my roomie with a G1 might be interested…

    • Kikaider01

      It appears that this is just a signup for the beta, which I filled out a week ago. still no download linkage…

      • Michael

        That was my point, it is in beta, they should have clicked the link before throwin a fit….

  • Acsteffy87

    its not in the market, so you may want to edit that

  • Kevin

    Its there. Relax. These guys have been a good source of information for a long time.

  • pete

    I tried it on my phone the HTC hero and it does not show in the market. I tried it on my pals G1.



  • I and the AddressBook team would like to thank everyone for trying and giving feedback on AddressBook. Or at a minimum, trying to find it!

    It’s only been a few days but we’ve learned a lot and will be responding to feedback with improvements in short order. One issue that we’ve seen in this blog is “where in the heck/he__ is the AddressBook app?”. We made a mistake and were not as explicit as we should have been that only Android 1.6 is supported by AddressBook at this time.

    We realize this is a disappointment to HTC Hero (guess who LUVs her Hero, me) and Moto Cliq users. However, try as we might, there was a severe bug introduced with Android 1.5 that added significant instability into our app, especially with installation and deletion of mixins. We worked with Google, submitted a fix for Andorid on 1.5, and while Google was able to respond for 1.6, there was not an opportunity for them to get the fix into an update for 1.5.

    If any of you out there are willing to join our “guinea” program (very pre-release), and likewise are willing to follow a strict set of guideline for installing/de-installing with “as is” ground rules, please email us at [email protected] to discuss use on 1.5. If not, we’re working day and night to be ready for 2.0 and still taking stock of what we might do for 1.5.

    Keep the feedback coming, we are listening,

  • Exactly, good stuff. Added you to my feed.

  • I tried it on my phone the HTC hero and it does not show in the market. I tried it on my pals G1.

  • yup i cant found this in the market.. what happened?

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