Adding CVS Support to MOTODEV Studio [TIPS & TOOLS]

motodevMOTODEV studio for Android is a wonderful piece of machinery. Unfortunately, as of version 1.0.1, it comes with a number of core Eclipse plugins missing, most notably – no support for CVS. Luckily this can be easily helped.

Here are the steps:

  1. “Help -> Install New Software”
  2. Click “Add” button
  3. Enter something for name, e.g. “Galileo”
  4. Enter location: “”
  5. Click OK
  6. At this point I actually had to restart IDE because for some reason it wasn’t picking the packages
  7. After restart open “Help -> Install New Software” again
  8. From “Work with” dropdown select “Galileo –”
  9. Enter CVS into “type filter text” field
  10. You should see and be able to select “Collaboration -> Eclipse CVS Client”
  11. Click “Finish” and restart IDE
  12. Enjoy!

This is also applicable to any other plugin from Galileo update site or any other plugin update site you may want to add.

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  • Hi Bo,

    EricC from the MOTODEV Studio team.

    I'm not against including the CVS plugins into MOTODEV Studio. It's certainly one of the most popular source control systems out there. We use it for our Eclipse open-source work. The problem I'm facing is I want to have the right set of plugins without bulking up the install. In some cases, like SVN, there are conflicting plugins with different feature sets. Personally, I like Mylyn/Tasktop and would like to see it in the product, but most individual developers might hate it.

    If you have a well-reasoned set of plugins that you think should be in the "minimal install", I'll be happy to discuss them and possibly put them on the roadmap for future releases.

    Thanks for the comments.


    • Eric – thanks for replying. I suspect there are many users who you will loose only because CVS plugin is not there. For me personally it's just one thing that I was really puzzled ablut
      If you are concerned with bulk – why not distribute MOTODEV as plugin? I would love to have it as add-on rather than self-contained install. I don't know what it takes technically but I use my Eclipse for all sort of development. I mix my projects. I use "Pulse" to get approved packages and replicate my Eclipse profile between different boxes. And I say – I'm typical advanced developer in that regard. I don't want to install whole separate Eclipse just for MOTODEV frankly I love the additional features but they are not critical for me to justify 2 Eclipses
      My request and my suggestion – give me ability to install MOTODEV as a plugin and then I'm sold!

    • BTW – lack of SVN is expected. Everyone knows how to go and get subclipse. But CVS is really very core thing that is distributed with practically any pre-packaged Eclipse

  • It's Eric again. I thought I'd follow up on this. As of MOTODEV Studio 1.1, we've integrated CVS, Mylyn, and Subversive as part of the core installation. For Mylyn, we have just the core components, so if you want to connect it to anything, you'll have to install the connectors you need.

    For version 1.2, due out in about a month, we're adding 64-bit support and the ability to install the MOTODEV features as plugins into the Eclipse shell of your choice.