App Radar: Volume 2

app_radarWe get a lot of emails from developers looking to share their apps with us. Whether they are improvements on existing apps or new titles looking for some exposure, we try to do our best to keep up on the announcements. Unfortunately, time prohibits us from dedicating full posts on every app that comes across our inbox. That’s where the App Radar comes in handy! The whole purpose of these posts is to put Android applications on your radar. These could be upgrades and enhancements on software you already own, early peaks at forthcoming software, or just some love for the little guys. With all that out of the way, here’s this week’s selections!

  • GPS Logbooks allows pilots to record their flights in real-time and share them with the rest of the world – in 3D.The app can also be used to record events like skydiving jumps, marathons, or good old fashioned drives through the country.  Written with pilots in mind, there are already recorded flights from pilots to check out.  There’s actually a balloon ride too.  How would you use the app?
  • Mystic Maggie is a children’s “read-to-me” story with narration, animations, and interactive vocabulary.  This would make a great learning tool for younger children looking o expand their vocabulary.  We imagine this type of follow along story would keep kids engaged more than handing them an ebook.  If we may make a suggestion… CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!
  • Droid Comic Viewer gets an update that allows for Facebook, email, and sharing and recommendations.  They’ve also kicked off a newsletter for users to subscribe to as well.
  • According to INRIX TRAFFIC!, they provide accurate,  real-time and predictive traffic on more roads and across more cities than any other app.  With a user base of over 1.3 million, the crowd-sourced traffic network is available for Android and iPhone users in the US and Canada.
  • Beer Hero, a popular iPhone app, has made the transition to Android.  Download the app find  more than a thousand microbrews, local brewpubs, and more from across the US.  The next time you are looking for that perfect beer to complement your meal, break out Beer Hero!
  • André Rabold, is on the eve of releasing some updates to both the  free and paid version of his game Puzzle Blox.  After already garnering a top 5 nod for his app in the first Android Network Awards, the improvements include Arcade and Challenge mode for Puzzle Blox.  New graphics, themes, sound effects, and more levels are also promised.  The upgrade will be available for FREE for existing users of Puzzle Blox.  Keep an eye out for Puzzle Blox Arcade! – a completely FREE game that includes the brand new unlimited Arcade play mode.   This is not a demo or trial version but a full game! And it includes over a dozen of demo levels of the original Puzzle Blox game.

Do you have an app that we should be talking about? Send us an email to info @ and we’d be happy to incorporate it into an upcoming App Radar.