Google Giving out Eclairs Today – Android 2.0 SDK Drops

android_20_eclairThe official Android Developers blog has announced that the Android 2.0 SDK is now available to developers.  The move comes not one moment too soon as the Droid handset is announced tomorrow and presumably hits the street next week.  What good is a cutting edge phone if the apps don’t play nice?  Among the new features included with Android 2.0  APIs for sync, and Bluetooth.  As an Android user, this means that development can begin on apps allow for peer-to-peer connectivity and gaming!  Watch the video below to get a feel for some of the changes.

Other improvements and features include:

  • Multiple accounts can be added to a device for email and contact synchronization, including Exchange accounts.
  • Quick Contact for Android provides instant access to a contact’s information and communication modes. For example, a user can tap a contact photo and select to call, SMS, or email the person. Other applications such as Email, Messaging, and Calendar can also reveal the Quick Contact widget when you touch a contact photo or status icon.
  • Exchange support.
  • Combined inbox to browse email from multiple accounts in one page.
  • Search functionality for all saved SMS and MMS messages.
  • Auto delete the oldest messages in a conversation when a defined limit is reached.
  • Camera enhancements : Built-in flash support, Digital zoom, Scene mode, White balance, Color effect, and Macro focus
  • An improved keyboard layout to makes it easier to hit the correct characters and improve typing speed.
  • A smarter dictionary learns from word usage and automatically includes contact names as suggestions.
  • Refreshed browser UI with actionable browser URL bar enables users to directly tap the address bar for instant searches and navigation.
  • Bookmarks with web page thumbnails.
  • Support for double-tap zoom.
  • Support for HTML5
  • Agenda view provides infinite scrolling.
  • Events indicate the attending status for each invitee.
  • Invite new guests to events.
  • HereAndNow

    Hopefully, Android's HTML5 features mesh well with the iPhone's HTML5 features. That would allow developers to build web apps that work on both platforms.

  • Ha! My complaint on Twitter finally got through!

  • James

    Any word on what existing phones will support eclair?

    • Suven

      Why shouldnt it work on all phones? There are no features which would make some special hardware or cpu-frequenzy neccesarry.. If google wouldnt carry this to g1, other developers would port it to g1.

      The fact that google does keep on developing theire os and allows everybody to use it in any ways and on every device is the greatest thing about andorid.. you buy your g1 and get many os-updates.. thats the strenght of android. You can take advantage of every new build as long as your hardware is fast enough because the os is made to work on many (even unknown) devices (like windows works on many computers.. nobody asks if the new windows servicepack is only for dell/hp/lenovo because the hardware you use doesnt matter)

      • Kohtason

        In one sentence: Android is made as platform independent as possible and google makes it more platform independent with every version

  • Tyler

    Can we get a download so i can install this on my g1!?!?!?!??!?!?!

    • Kohtason

      This is only the SDK, not the OS-Build. This still isnt public

  • franco

    will g1 get eclairs is very nice

  • Nefertari817

    Two words…………..where's flash?

    • Huffman

      flash will not be available until early next year

  • Huffman

    Can’t wait! Of course, the anticipation isn’t as high as it was with say…Cupcake. With each update I tend to get less and less anxious to get an update. I guess that’s because there’s always speculative dates on wich each OTA will be launched. That, and probably the fact that I expect frequent updates. But don’t get me wrong I am more than elated when I wake up to that amazing notification that I have received an update. At this rate, iPhone will be overtaken within a matter of years!

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