cliq_ad_promoIf you subscribe to the T-Mobile YouTube channel, you’d already know what we’re about to say.  Here’s the first look at a :60 ad that shows off the features of MOTOBLUR and the social networking integration.  Hopefully, T-Mobile gets this out in front of potential customers.  If there is one thing lacking in the way in which they’ve handled Android, it’s that they do not show off the capabilities of their handsets.  Simply showing a celebrity holding the phone doesn’t motivate enough people.

  • I love my white Moto Cliq, I can't wait to pick up my Behold II, then I will own 5 Android Devices…lol i am such a nerd..

    • Brian Ansorge

      Wow. I so unimpressed. I've been waiting soooo long as a loyal Verizon customer that would help me with my iPhone envy. This phone is ugly. Keyboard? Puhhhlease.

      Give me something simple. This is a giant step *backward* as far as I am concerned. I'm am willing to try *something* besides an actual iPhone to replace my RAZR *phone,* but this "phone" is *not* it.

      The best OS (which remains to be seen) can make a "silk purse out of a sow's ear." This phone (and any other over-complicated, keyboard-bearing POS) is a Sow's Ear. Period.

  • I got my wife the Motorola Cliq Titanium and I think they did an awesome job on both the phone (with its camera / video and extras functions that are a part of it), the lighted keys (and alt keys) to name a few, to motoblur and all its social gathering. Motorola just may make a come back. So far, they have my kudos.

  • I am looking forward to the drod but I have the feeling that verizion customers are ready for the droid but possibly the verizon network isn't. I understand they have an amazing network and i know 2 enginers that work on their towers and they tell me how they have been working like crazy for the last 2 months getting ready, but i am still curius to see how it does. I might buy it for T-Mobile if it has a GSM slot like most of their new phones do have.

  • I love my Cliq. I have one for me and one for my wife and she loves it as well. It has everything that I need and replaces 5 other devices. I had to bite and do the unlimited plans but we cancelled one of my biz lines and ported the number so we save another 40 bucks a month toward the bill. The camera is great – the sharing photos to facebook and the twitter integration all work great. I keep looking for the next software update. Most of the apps are free and the google stuff works great. My favorite app is google sky. It's a star map that uses the positioner and gpsor zip code to give you an accurate map of the sky from your position. Hold ;your phone up to the sky and what you see on your phone is whats in the sky and you can turn and have it follow you and tells the name of stars, planets and more … and it's free!!!


    David Bryan Smith
    America's Gentleman Hypnotist