Verizon Reps Getting Trained on Droid Eris

droid_eris_teaserA tipster just sent in a screen grab that indicates Verizon reps are currently being trained on the Droid Eris.  What we’re looking at appears to be the intro screen of a training module.  We’re still waiting to hear back as to whether hardware or pricing information was part of the course, but we’re feeling pretty good about that whole “end of year” deal. It’s been our experience that you don’t start putting your reps through the paces until the last minute, so we can expect something in way of an announcement any day now. Then again, we’ve also heard that the phone will just arrive in the store without much fanfare.  The latest rumors put this phone out November 6th.


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  1. @the_real_newman
    October 27, 06:11 Reply

    looks elongated in the second pic. do you guys think thats just the angle/stretching of the imagine?

  2. G1 user
    October 27, 15:50 Reply

    No fanfare is needed, we have all heard of the Hero no matter what the name change maybe. Soon Android will be everywhere the only question is when will you come aboard? G1 user!!

  3. arief
    June 23, 01:57 Reply

    We're still waiting to hear back as to whether hardware or pricing information was part of the course..

  4. farhad
    July 06, 08:50 Reply

    nice move i guess from the verizon..

  5. ardhan
    July 08, 05:29 Reply

    want that hp, can i get one? perhaps :p

  6. eric
    July 08, 17:05 Reply

    hmm….guess what?…
    that a great smart phone…
    i wanna buy it..:)


  7. roy
    July 17, 12:56 Reply

    nice thing that can help us

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