European HTC Hero Skipping 1.6 Update

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We just had an interesting email come across our inbox pertaining to the European version of the HTC Hero.  One of our readers reached out to HTC to ask about whether or not their Hero would be seeing an update to Android 1.6.  Here’s the email they received back:

Dear HTC customer,

Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service and answering all of your questions and concerns.

The Hero will not be receiving the Android 1.6 upgrade, it will however get the 2.0 one. Do note however that we do not have a confirmed release date for this upgrade, all I can recommend at the moment is that you keep yourself updated by visiting our website regularly as the latest information will be available to view from there.

Best regards,
HTC customer support team
HTC Corp. Global Service Division

Sit tight Hero owners – better things are coming!  Now the question becomes, Will US Hero owners get the same treatment?

Thanks Emil!

  • I think this is my fault… I tweet about this a week ago:
    @htc forget about getting 1.6 Donut to the Hero… Work on getting us 2.0 Eclair as soon as released and we will be all very happy!

    I didn't expect this to happen. I think this is a good news AS LONG as it is coming soon… Like November?

    • Please HTC, include Google Maps Navigation!!

  • Torben

    What about Magic ??

  • same here

    What about HTC magic in Australia on 3 network

    Still waiting for 1.6 Donut Update

  • I'm curious, how is the 2.0 update going to affect performance with the Hero's processor?

  • I doubt performance is going to be any worse. It might just be better though 🙂

  • I'm not surprised by this. I believe that 1.6 was meant for the G1 and tmo released it for the MT3g just to keep the peace with tmo customers. G1 probably will not get 2.0 but the rest of the Android phones will go straight to 2.0 from 1.5. Pure speculation, but things seem to be moving in that direction.

    • I agree, with new phones being released with 2.0 installed and the update for G1 owners to 1.6 I too believe that this may be the aim for HTC Hero, Magic and other current phones

  • t1jordan

    I hope we get the 2.0 update for Sprint HTC hero. We sure do need it. The sprint Hero has some bugs. Still a great phone but needs some help. Escpecially with keyboard while browsing.

  • Stephen

    It would be nice to get the CDMA Sprint Hero 2.0 sometime in November. If Sprint was smart they would have rushed it before the Droid release.

    • @jt

      Sprint has little to do with the Hero being on 2.0, it's more of an HTC thing.

  • eshaan

    hey does any one have an idea if the htc hero available in India will also get the android 2.0 update…

  • Big Dave

    I don't know if I will get 2.0 on my magic but I just got 1.6 today on vodafone. But if HTC/Google are commited to customer sevice which they need to be if they want to win they should provide updates for all android phone owners to help keep'em loyal it's a good thing to do.

  • Release it NOW!! :-]

  • What about Magic ??

  • i think it's really great..

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