M Tube MID Shares Media with TV Set Via Gestures

mtube_midAnother inbox goodie for you this morning!  Check out the video below which shows a beta version of a device called M Tube.  Caught on film at Broadband 2009 in Taipei, the mobile internet device (MID) allows users to share pictures, video, and more with their television sets by dragging and dropping.  It’s also possible to stream video from your television to the M Tube.  Of course, two M Tubes can also talk to each other.Known specs:

  • ARM Processor
  • 7.6″ (800×480) OLED capacitive touch screen
  • Android 1.6

This is the type of device I have talked about on the podcast a time or two.  Picture one of these running as a digital picture frame that you can wake up and play with.  Watch video, check email, and play games with it and then put it back down on the coffee table!

No pricing or availability to share with you at this time, but we’ll circle back with more if and when it arrives!

Thanks for the tip Nicole!

  • Bob

    OLED screens don't last long enough to be used as a digital picture frames or alarm clocks.

    • aaaa

      What are you talking about, of course they do