Android Starting to Appeal to Business Users

sdkmanagerThink back to this about this time last year when the G1 was announced and Android 1.0 features were shown off. One of the first questions asked from the crowd was whether or not Android (or the G1) was going to have Exchange support. The answer was something along the lines of “No, but we won’t stand in the way of anyone else from creating an app for it.” Needless to say, the mainstream tech sites and big news outlets were quick to point out that Windows Mobile still had plenty of breathing room. Android was not ready for enterprise or big business use. Was.

Android 2.0 has added a slew of new features and improvements including Microsoft Exchange, a unified inbox, and support for multiple Gmail accounts. This is not the same as what vendors such as HTC have done. Rather than baking their own support for Exchange in, it’s now part of Android. Period.

Further, developers now have even more tools to create applications that boost productivity. Giving them the APIs for sync, contacts, Bluetooth, and account manager is like giving some of the finest spices and seasonings to a chef. It will be interesting to see how many Windows Mobile users start jumping shipwhen they realize that Android gives them everything they need, and more.

  • Kevin

    I use my Android for business every day. With all the application designed around productivity and lifestyle there is something for everyone when it comes to business use on android. Plus due to the multitasking capabilities of the phone I am more productive than I could ever be on something like an iPhone.
    When it comes to business use I wouldn't leave Android for anything right now. That is very encouraging to me especially when you think of how young Android still is.

  • Markus

    I still prefer TouchDown – includes Exchange contacts, calendar, tasks, mail and interfaces the Microsoft Exchange server with the HTTP RPC interface (which happen to be the only way to access my corporate mail).

  • SiI

    I've been using my G1 for work (often taking it instead of a laptop)… use TouchDown for email/calendar, Documents to Go to look at documents.

    To be truely business compatible it needs to have enterprise server support…

  • Stephane

    "when they realize that Android gives them everything they need, and more."
    I'm afraid Android still does not give everything a developper needs. How about access to the telephony? As far as I know, it's not yet possible to develop e.g. an answering machine application on Android. It's a pitty. They might invoke security reasons, but they're not convincing. Such possibilities have been available on Symbian for years now.

  • zarrar

    I am looking for Answering Machine which could work with my HTC Desire (Android 2.1) phone.
    There is a big demand in the market for this application which could act as answering machine for unattended incoming calls and record the message to reply back and also have feature of record the conversation.
    Please let me know if you have such application or were it can be found.