LG Opens Doors on GW620 “Eve” Website

lg_gw620_004LG is gearing up to launch their first campaign based around Android.  Touting  their handsets as the “friendly smartphone”, the GW620 (Eve) certainly seems aimed directly at the social butterfly.  Check out the spots below and you’ll see what we mean. The accompanying video and photos were found on the not-quite-finished site, LG-GW620.com.  How do we know they’re not finished putting the site together?  It’s full of Lorem ipsum!

The first video appears to be a television spot for the phone.

This video shows off some of the features included in the GW620.  Check out the Face Tagging and Face to Action.  It will be fun to see just how well that works. After the jump, we’ve grabbed a few pictures from the gallery to give a decent look at the hardware.

Thanks to our international buddies over at Android-France.fr (translated) for the tip on this one!

  • Cute… but a resistive touchscreen? And only 3 inches… On the plus side, the slide out keyboard does look nice.

  • TareX

    I wish the Droid had a similar keyboard instead of the 1990s generic keyboard (with 2 blank keys) that they slapped on it.

  • It seems that "menu" and "search" keys are only placed on the keyboard. Is there any way to show the menus without opening the phone?

  • NiiAnkrah

    I av fallen in love with the GW620, Big ups LG!!