G1 Can Support Android 2.0* [VIDEO]

android20_g1For those of you who have the T-Mobile G1 and find yourself growing increasingly more fascinated by Android 2.0, we have some news that might make you happy.  Your handset is capable of running the newest Eclair release of the platform.  You just need to jump through a few hoops first! HINT: It involves rooting and some trial and error. And a little bit of time.

Hacker/modder Akira Harada successfully ported 2.0 to his T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream but it’s not optimized at all. While there can and will be a lot of bugs with his ROM, it’s a huge step in the right direction! Give it a few more days or weeks and we’re likely see something more stable.

Even if you don’t wanna try it on your G1, the video does give us a good feel for some of the features built into Android 2.0.  You know… for something to look forward to in your next phone.

We’re sure there are scores of G1 owners out there worried that their handset won’t support the new Google Maps Navigation or nifty contact features.

Source: HDblog.it | Engadget

  • Definitely excited!

  • Nick

    So am I reading this right? G1 owners won't be getting the Eclair update OTA then? What if I don't wanna root?

  • WOot!

  • to root my phone i'll wait for something better than eclair , any way for me there is only two things im really especting for ; adobe flash and mozilla firefox , that will turn my frog g1 in a friggin prince . . .

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