Sony Ericsson Rachael UI Looks Anything But Android…

se_rachael_ui…And that’s a good thing.  Check out the two minute video below which shows what the Sony Ericsson Rachael UI looks like when doing some of the increasingly more common phone tasks.  We’re no longer just making and receiving calls -  We want to play videos, look at pictures, and listen to music.  If the user interface ends up looking like the concept video, consider us officially “in love”.

There’s nary a drop of stock Android to be phone in the design and that’s probably what the SE folks had in mind.  It’s elegant, functional, and certainly unique.  May we also add that it is astonishing?  As in “The Astonishing Tribe“.  TAT is one of the founding members of the Open Handset Alliance and has done work with Sony Ericsson so it would not be a surprise to us at all if they were behind this design. Swing by their showroom and take a look at some of their other work!

  • Helmore

    What I don't like about this video is the fact that the notification bar doesn't seem to be like what we are used to from Android. Does it still function as the central place where all messages end up and can you still pull the bar down and see all your notifications in one place? We'll eventually see if this truly is what the SE Rachael user interface end up like.

  • TareX

    What I like it is what its stands for: Android possibilities…. I can only imagine that even more impressive stuff could be at work when Tegra 2 hits Android… (Tegra 2 has already been demoed on netbooks early last month….)

  • Jonny

    It's certainly flashier. I don't really like showing off for the sake of showing off, however. I think I prefer the cleaner (albeit more boring) stock Android home screen. Oh, and hopefully they proofread the interface sometime before it's final, because they spelled Picasa incorrectly.

  • spriggers

    This is a concept video only though. It seems to be a target. No way I would expect all of that media previews to be that smooth and immediate.

  • phentex

    just to be clear : are "Rachael" and "Xperia X10" the same thing ?

    Anyway, this new SE phone seems interesting, I really only hope they don't keep on with they go damn ecrappy proprietary port, and rather go for the standard mini-usb and mini-jack plugs.

  • Miguel

    "Sony Ericsson Rachael UI Looks Anything But Android……And that’s a good thing."

    Wow, I take exception to that remark. It's particularly surprising coming from a an Android-oriented site! That's like a indirect swipe at Android. So the stock Android UI is that bad in the eyes of AndroidGuys?

    Sure, the Infinity/Rachel looks great, but it's basically going to be a Clie on steroids. I hope Sony allows the user to disable the custom interface some find it too tacky.

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