First Glimpses of Behold II in the Wild

beholdii_05We’ve been anxiously awaiting a gallery like this one.  Sure, the Behold II looks great on the outside, but what about the inside?  Does the phone look and feel like the original Behold?  Will it be more TouchWiz, less Android?  These questions can now be answered, thanks to a TmoNews tipster!

We’re not gonna  grab all of the images from their gallery, but we do want to show you guys some of the pics we liked best. 

So, given what you think and the rumor of a $249.99 price… what’s your opinion?

  • I'm gonna laugh my ass off if they the guts to charge $250 for this. Is T-Mobile living in a bubble? Have they not seen the Droid? I mean I can't even believe that they are charging $200 for the CLIQ….

    • After seeing all the pics, they could charge $150 and I still wouldn't want it. Does Samsung not realize that its TouchWiz UI has always looked hideous? While HTC's Sense UI makes Android look much nicer, this is the exact opposite….. the four icon dock at the bottom and the new icons up top for battery, edge, etc…. and the new app drawer are all flat out ugly. Even the keyboard is worse than the regular Android one…. I didn't even think anyone could make a keyboard that looks worse than that one…

      Samsung's Android lineup has been so incredibly lackluster…. how does a financially struggling company like Motorola and a far smaller one like HTC outdo Samsung?

  • I don't get it, you guys can never report your own news. You always have to take from others. Those pictures a prime example of this. And your price BS is extremely wrong also. Samsung said at CES and the android conference 2 months ago that the Behold II is going to be priced around 100-200 so that way they have an inexpensive android phone. God please stop reporting lies and actually go to a show where they have real evidence and proof. Investigative reporting please. This is why I submited my application to you guys because you guys at android guys need real talent when it comes to doing fact checking.

    • We didn't post the rumored price – we used what TmoNews had listed. As far as the argument goes about reporting our own news, that's garbage. We break news all the time. Do you visit Engadget and Gizmodo and tell them the same thing? Sourcing articles is VERY common. We don't report lies. Period.

      I've gone through some of your comments from other articles and have to say, you're a pretty negative person. Quite a few of your arguments might be better suited for an email, not a comment.

  • And according to the comment about how the UI is what makes this phone. That is also incorrect. At the android conference, they stated that the big thing about this phones is the idea of useing an ALUMLED screen for this will be one of the first US phones to have it. This is a big deal for we might see the first of many touch screen LED screens that are not only skinny but also power friendly when it comes to battery power. Also the clairty on an LED is amazing and putting that into a phone is just awesome. no more screen protectors, no more armor, no more broken screens.

    Here is a video demo of an ALUMLED

  • And Tah24 how do you say Motorola a struggling company. They are still one of the best companies when it comes to equipment used for POS systems in sales as well as warehouse organization tools. Yeah their phones aren't the best right now but if you remember right they use to be fantastic and you were considered to be weird if you didn't own a Motorola or a Nokia. Give the company some credit, the Cliq is awesome. I personally own the G1, Mytouch3G, HTC Hero (UK version not retard sprint), Moto Cliq and I am expecting my Samsung Behold II in about a couple of days and soon to be ordered my new Sony(CAN'T WAIT…… 🙂 )

  • I don't get the advantage to the "cube" interface. Instead of having up to sixteen icons available on my home screen, I instead have a cube that shows three apps at a time, and I have to rotate it to get to other apps, up to a total of six. How is this a plus? Thanks, but no.

    • Brent

      I think the cube is in a drawer until you activate it. Hopefully you can just deactivate it.

      For a phone coming out in 2 weeks there isn't much solid information out there. The exact way the cube works is just one thing that would be nice to see official data on. And then of course, processor, RAM etc.


  • i am very negative sorry…

  • I think that the behold two does stand up to standards. Has some flaws though all well.


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