Four Reasons Why the CLIQ Just Clicks

cliq_smMotorola’s first entry in the Android arena will be available in just a few days. You may have heard of the two main features of the MOTOBLUR software, Messages and Happenings, applications which pull updates and messages from all your sources of communication into two respective self-updating widgets. However, having the priviledge of getting an early look and feel of the handset, we at AndroidGuys want to share more of the highlights to you, our reader.
As the main difference between the CLIQ and other Android handsets is Motorola‘s new custom interface, you may not be surprised to notice most of the highlights in this article are focused on BLUR. Without further ado (or bad puns), here are five standout features of the forthcoming Motorola CLIQ in no particular order:

  1. Outlook synchronization: The CLIQ will be T-Mobile‘s first Android handset which supports Outlook calendar, contacts, and mail synchronization (with accounts that use Outlook Web Access).
  2. Built-in RSS Feed Widget: Faster than other RSS reader applications I’ve used, this built-in app has a very easy set-up process which will find and fill in a website’s feed URL for you if you do not know it.
  3. Better email: Yahoo fans rejoice! The email client features several updates, such as font editor, compatibility with HTML formatted emails and embedded pictures, and ability to download attachments directly within the Email application (not just through Gmail or via web browser).
  4. Hardware Design – A compact (compared to the alternative) full-qwerty slider, textured back surface, gunmetal bezel (only on black model) and raised keyboard are all subtle yet significant features which together add up to a quality handset design.
That being said, the CLIQ shows some areas of in need of improvement:
  • URL Links do not work in Messages widget
  • Further customization: selecting which networks and which people appear in Happenings
  • Deeper MOTOBLUR synchronization within handset: Photo uploading to Facebook, scrobbling to, etc. Obviously there are applications which can do that, but why have an extra application just for one specific function?
  • Although you can send a quick response to a text message within the Messages widget, the conversation within the widget does not update as more messages come in. You have to exit and check your text message inbox again to see new messages.

These minor issues are software related and could easily be resolved should Motorola release future updates to BLUR. The CLIQ launches nationwide for T-Mobile customers on November 2nd.

  • Miguel

    The phone is already available for purchase on T-Mobile's website, today Nov. 2.

  • My wife has had this phone for over 2 weeks now and happens to love it. Yes there are some minor issues as stated above (which to her are non relevant as this is her 1st smartphone), and some other areas that took time in setting up and managing (like "linking" same said persons into one account). If you are on Facebook, google, and Myspace – it first places your contact in three separate accounts that you have to 'link' together so they are all in one grouping. Battery time is ok with standard use. The updating of photo's from any account is kind of nice to. I truly is a social butterfly.
    My only real beef is why is it running on version 1.5 and not ship with 1.6 or the newest 2.0, giving its timing of coming out? I am hoping they are jumping 1.6 and going to 2.0, but when I talked to a customer rep. He said as far as he know's they had some issues with the update working on Motorola's blur interface. Hopefully if true, it gets resolved. It would be disappointing if they didnt keep things up to date in this area.

  • c0z

    I can't get used to the keyboard. I'm too attached to my G1's QWERTY.

  • Supitsmike

    I'm going to have to disagree here. I've had the MotoBlur for quite some time now, and here's my diagnostics;

    The social networking is definitely a que from the HTC Hero's, no one can deny that. However, I find that when running through contacts, it's most annoying to have to literally scroll through everyone, or, have to pull down a group of lists that are separated.

    It seems as though the MotoBlur is convoluted in some areas, and too separated in others, which, in my opinion, is counter productive to the whole flow of the phone.

    HTC did a good job implementing their social networking connection with the contacts, as well as an overall good feel for it. MotoBlur seems habitually webbed with so much information, it hurts the eyes. Nothing is stable. Nothing is just clear, you have to dig around for this, that, and the third.

    It's coming to the end of my remorse period, and I'm most likely going to return it. Sorry AndroidGuys, but this one you guys let me down on 🙁