GSM Droid Caught on Film, Headed to T-Mobile?

milestone_pinchThe hottest Android phone on the planet right now has to be the Verizon Droid from Motorola.  The recently announced and soon to be launched handset has people drooling all over the world.  Unfortunately, the Droid won’t work in many parts of the world due to it being CDMA.  This calls for a GSM version!

Vietnamese website Tinhte was among the first to film some face time with a GSM-flavored Droid.  For unknown reasons, the video has been made private.  Not to worry though – below is the same video with annotations made by another user.

We’ve learned over the last day that this handset will be known as the Milestone and end up on Vodafone and O2 sometime next week!  Nearly the same as the Verizon Droid, this handset has picked up a few slight changes.  Noticeably, there is no Google Maps Navigation to be found.  In its place is a service called Motonav turn-by-turn.  As pointed out on AndroidAndMe, it’s likely due to license issues outside of the US.  One advantage the Milestone has over the Droid is multitouch support.  Check out another video, this time from Mobile-Review.  Watch around the 3:00 mark to see pinch zooming within photos.

Where does T-Mobile come in to play with all of this?  TmoNews was passed a screenshot that was allegedly taken within an internal MotoBlur account specifically set up for agents.   You can clearly see on the left where it says both “Sholes UMTS T-Mobile US” as well as “Sholes Tablet T-Mobile US”.  The tablet is likely to ditch the slideout QWERTY and act as a touch only version of the handset.  We’re pretty sure you T-Mobile fans would be happy with either edition of the Droid, wouldn’t you?


  • Jose

    YES!! As soon as this becomes official I will be posting my G1 on Craigslist. Best phone I've ever had, but I want the Droid without changing carriers!

    • BigHeat

      Exactly right – the G1 is the best phone I've had, but this will replace it (if/when it's available).

  • David

    Lack of multi-touch support is *not* a limitation of the hardware, but of the OS and related apps. I have multi-touch zooming on my G1, courtesy of Cyanogen's modded ROM. I'm mystified as to why the powers that be have chosen to cripple the default ROMs this way…thoughts?

    • DDroid

      it has been stated by numerous places that the reason why we (US) do not have multi-touch support as of yet is due to the possibility of Apple holding some sort of patent or technology.
      Just what ive read from other places.

      • Helmore

        Seems ridiculous to me, Apple wouldn't have a strong case with the patents they hold on multi-touch. They shouldn't have gotten those patents in the first place because they overlap with other patents on multi-touch. Then there is this other problem, if they did sue they would probably get counter-sued for violation of some other patents.

        Besides, multi-touch is integrated into Android 2.0 and is actually used on the Verizon Droid. It just doesn't have pinch zooming though. You do have 2 finger double tap to zoom out in Google maps and the virtual keyboard can actually handle multiple fingers at the same time.

  • webby

    To each his own, but for myself, if it doesn't have the slide-out keyboard, I won't be interested.

    If it does have the keyboard, however, then I will likely upgrade from my T-Mobile G1.

    • BigHeat

      There are actually TWO models listed – one is the "traditional" Sholes we've seen, with keyboard. The other is called a "tablet" and the assumption is being made that it will be soft-key only.

      Sounds like T-Mo customers may be able to have the same core device with a choice of form factors.


  • Hans

    err, I guess the Google Nav (lack of) is not to do with licensing issues, it is because it hasn't been released outside of the US yet.

    From the original announcement:

    "Google Maps Navigation is initially available in the United States"

  • JustAPhoneUser

    Go t-mobile droid! the cost of ownership on t-mobile is literally 1/2 that of Verizon! Sure Verizon has better coverage, but I do not mind t-mobile's coverage when you consider the price!

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