Question of the Week: Who Has Handled Android the Best so Far?

question_of_weekWe’re getting ready for this week’s podcast which means it’s time for the new Question of the Week.  This time, we wanna know who you think has handled Android the best so far.  Is it one of the carriers –Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint?  How about the handset makers – Motorola, HTC, or Samsung?  Maybe you’re a fan of “other” too!

Sound off in the poll and then jump to the comments and back your vote up!

Oh, by the way – You can pick two this week!

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  • johnkzin

    As much as I hate Verizon, I have to give them credit: unlike T-Mobile, they're going to allow wifi-tethering on their 'Droids. So, for the carriers, I had to pick them.

    But, on the devices, so far I haven't seen anything better than the G1 (5 row keyboard for the win). Though, the Sholes/Tao/Droid/Milestone, with a few small changes, could have done better (no gold on the dpad, dedicated number row on the keyboard). But, for now, HTC had to get the pick for the device makers.

  • I chose verizon for their great advertising and HTC for being the first adopter and biggest supporter.

  • I have to agree. I am no fan of Verizon BUT the commercial that finally told the mainstream that the iPhone is not all that and a bag of chips. So far no one has ever told anyone what the iPhone cannot do. Many people that are non-techs simply think the iPhone does everything b/c they are told its the best every time they see the iPhone commercials.

    At least Verizon is making this a no holds bar cage match. They are pointing out that the Android OS is open source and is willing to change with its customers. The iPhone is a take it as it is or shut up system. Do not get me wrong I love my Macbook, that I am on right now, but when it comes to Desktops and Phones I will never go Mac. To restrictive and way to freaking expensive for what you get!

  • TareX

    My answer: Anyone but HTC.

    • element4life

      "Anyone but HTC"……..why even right an opinion without even explaining yourself? Why anyone but HTC? HTC builds great phones, look at their G1 and Hero. Sure their 528Hz processors are a bit underwhelming, but who brought us an Android phone to begin with? I give them more credit than anybody right now. Sure Verizon has the right idea with marketing, but is the Droid even out yet? How many people are going to buy it? We don't know these things yet, but what we do know is that the vast majority of Android phones on the market are made by HTC. I see I am not the only one thinking this, as the poll currently shows HTC with the most support at 45%, so why even post something as retarded as this?

  • Tim

    Samsung teased me for too long over the i7500/Galaxy; the HTC Hero nipped in there quick with an equivalent spec machine while I was waiting; I'll take a real existing machine over two in the clouds any day.

  • Eric

    I think HTC is doing great because they seem to listen and communicate. Everyone who bought the Hero were ranting and raving about 2.0 and HTC delivered by stating they'll upgrade the phones! The only downside for the techies is that the currently HTC models run on stale chipsets.

  • I chose HTC because they were the first to bring serious Android phones and their Sense UI showed what Android is capable of, shutting off all arguments about the amateurish aspect of the Android platform. I was hesitant about choosing another manufacturer over a mobile operator, but I had to choose Motorola because having a manufacturer exclusively building Android phones is surely a good push for Android. I just hope they create unlocked versions of their phones as well for the rest of the world and downscaled versions for the developing world in their low-cost strategy.

  • Andy Hasara

    Of the carriers, Verizon has done the best thing by far: it gave the phones a recognizable name and and advertising budget. When I describe my Sprint Hero, I frequently get asked, "So that's one of those Droid Phones?"

  • qingimiss