Samsung Moment and T-Mobile Cliq Available Now

cliq_momentFor those of you looking to get your hands on either the Samsung Moment or the Motorola Cliq, wait no more.  You can now head down to your local carrier and grab your new Android phone.

The Samsung Moment goes for $179.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate when you sign up to a 2-year commitment to Sprint.  T-Mobile is offering the Motorola Cliq for $199 with a similar agreement.  Both phones offer slideout QWERTY keyboards but the Cliq boasts a 5.0 MP camera over the Moment’s 3.2 MP picture-taker. The Samsung handset comes loaded with stock Android while Motorola‘s has the new MOTOBLUR UI on top. 

We’re not here to sway any decisions. We’re just happy to see two more handsets arrive this week!

  • guest

    Moment > all android phones

  • sprint fan

    you know what the moment in my opinion would be a better buy just for the simple fact that your going to save money on a unlimited data plan for only 70 bucks.and just get an aol account wich is free!and theyll take an aditional 10% off your monthly bill…so 63$ for everything an awsome phone.that will have android 2.1.and soon have be the only phone to be able to stream live t.v….thats a great deal if u ask me…all other providers planes are too expensive…when they have the option to run the same deals as sprint but have the common person convinced that you have to pay for all that data and texting extra..WRONG!!! but go ahead and be there little black sheep..thats what there banking on!

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