Verizon Possibly Dropping HTC Dragon on Black Friday?

verizon300x200_blackThere’s an article over at Boy Genius Report that tells of Verizon‘s plans to attack the smart phone market this holiday season.  Titled “Verizon to aim for the smartphone crown“, the piece mentions that depending on how well the Droid does over the coming weeks, we might see more (Android) smart phones in time for the busiest shopping time of the year.

Apparently the Curve2 or HTC Passion / Dragon will launch on Black Friday, “whatever is ready first.” The second device would be used in a holiday push around mid-December. I asked why Verizon wouldn’t space this out more and he/she said “best network, best smartphones campaign.”

For those who aren’t up on their “Dragon” news, it’s rumored to be another beast.  The article says that there are roughly 15  handsets coming between now and the end of the year, some of which nobody is aware of yet.  As hard as that is to believe, we’re fascinated with the very idea.

  • Jason

    Man, I hope the Passion/Dragon releases on Black Friday. A good month to try out the Droid, then get hands on with the Passion/Dragon before the 30 day return window closes, that would be awesome.

  • BackInAction

    If they keep announcing new Android phones every 10-days, I'm not sure when I'll stop and actually buy one.

    Though I have had the Passion/Dragon on my "I'd rather have it than the Droid, but I'll take the Droid if I have to" list for some time.

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