ChickenBrick Studios to Drop “Super Game Pack”

super_game_pack2Casual game fans will want to put this one on their radar.  ChickenBrick Studios, the developers behind popular titles like Cestos, Project I.N.F.,  and Plox is getting ready to release their latest game.  Called Super Game Pack, it’s actually a collection of 4 all-time classic titles designed to for multiple players.  In fact, all four require the use of two handsets in order to play!

The 4 games in the Super Game Pack include:

  • Tic, Tac, Toe
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Memory
  • Four in a Row

This one looks designed to appeal to a huge user base.  Who doesn’t enjoy playing these?

We’ve been told that the Super Game Pack will be ad-supported with only one main screen showing advertisements.  ChickenBrick Studios is putting the final touches on it as we type this and is hoping to see it arrive in the Market over the next day or two.  We’ve grabbed a few screen shots from their website to share with you guys.  Swing by their website to check out some of their other titles!

  • Using the word "drop" to mean "start" is very confusing. Where I live, if something is "dropped" it is cancelled.

  • JDD


  • Terry

    So these are the kind of stupid games we have to look forward to? And why should we be excited? Thanks Motorola for gimping the Droid with lackluster onboard memory and assuring large development houses will have zero interest in you.

  • Seth

    @Terry – I totally agree with you there man. Games development on the Android has been very very disappointing. I rather play old SNES games using SNESoid Emulator than some of these games released for Android.

    But in the long run, games development is gonna be another key battleground in the fight against the iPhone juggernaut.