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Rooted Users Get Market Movie Rentals with Modified Google Videos App

We were a bit sad when we¬†discovered back in May that rooted Android devices don’t have the ability to rent movies from the Android Market. We got some good news

News and Rumors

Facebook’s Nearby Friends announced for mobile

Facebook on Thursday announced a new feature that will allow mobile device users to share locations with friends. Called Nearby Friends, it’s an opt-in feature that lets people share their

News and Rumors

Spice Up Your Text Messaging with Zlango Themes and Icons

Plain texting is yesterday, this is tomorrow.


  1. Jonny
    November 04, 00:49 Reply

    Ahhhhh! Wookiee was spelled wrong.

    • Nick
      November 04, 11:10 Reply

      "spelled wrong"? lol

  2. Dro
    November 04, 17:25 Reply

    this comic is full of win

  3. jereader
    November 05, 22:29 Reply

    I, for one, am not that excited about the droid. I know it has 2.0, etc., but the thing looks like it would suck to handle and use. No spacing between QWERTY keys, 5-way instead of a trackball, capacitive buttons… sound horrid to me. What the Android world needs is a refresh of the G1. Aside from limited storage space, HTC hit the nail on the head with their first android handset!

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