Darth Droid Meets the iPhone

Got a kick outta this and figured I’d share it with all y’all…

Source – The Joy of Tech

  • Kevin


  • Jonny

    Ahhhhh! Wookiee was spelled wrong.

    • Nick

      "spelled wrong"? lol

  • Dro

    this comic is full of win

  • jereader

    I, for one, am not that excited about the droid. I know it has 2.0, etc., but the thing looks like it would suck to handle and use. No spacing between QWERTY keys, 5-way instead of a trackball, capacitive buttons… sound horrid to me. What the Android world needs is a refresh of the G1. Aside from limited storage space, HTC hit the nail on the head with their first android handset!