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News and Rumors

HBO Go Streaming Coming to Android Devices May 2

Our friends over at Android Central spotted this tweet from Direct TV, confirming the news that some Android handsets are going to see HBO Go Streaming service activated on May 2nd.

News and Rumors

Asus unveils the Padfone, our hearts stop for a few minutes

After the announcement of two new tablets, Asus decided let the cat out of the bag and introduce the Asus Padfone, which was introduced by them last year. It’s the

News and Rumors

Amazon Tablet in October? We Hope so!

There is more news this morning about the worst kept secret in the Android world this year; the upcoming Android tablet that Amazon is planning on launching to take advantage of it’s strong Android ecosystem that it has deployed. Could we see it as soon as October?


  1. Jonny
    November 04, 00:49 Reply

    Ahhhhh! Wookiee was spelled wrong.

    • Nick
      November 04, 11:10 Reply

      "spelled wrong"? lol

  2. Dro
    November 04, 17:25 Reply

    this comic is full of win

  3. jereader
    November 05, 22:29 Reply

    I, for one, am not that excited about the droid. I know it has 2.0, etc., but the thing looks like it would suck to handle and use. No spacing between QWERTY keys, 5-way instead of a trackball, capacitive buttons… sound horrid to me. What the Android world needs is a refresh of the G1. Aside from limited storage space, HTC hit the nail on the head with their first android handset!

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