DROID Does Times Square and Extended Hours

droid_times_squareThe Droid goes on sale this Friday and Verizon wants to make sure everyone knows about it.  The nation’s largest carrier has some special things in store for customers that only start with extended shopping hours.

Most of Verizon‘s stores will open at 7:00AM or 8:00AM Friday so customers can get an early chance to purchase the DROID on its first day. Be sure to check with your local store to make sure they are taking part in the early access hours. If your Verizon store happens to be in a mall, you’ll have normal business hours that day.

Verizon is also planning a first-of-its-kind interactive experience in New York City. Called “DROID Does Times Square” the experience will allow callers to control two of the largest digital billboard (NASDAQ and Reuters) using only voice commands. Passersby will see a toll-free number (1-888-376-4336) that can be called to search the Times Square area for movies, restaurants, food, etc. The results will be displayed on digital billboards using Google Maps.

This experience will run from Nov. 6 through Nov. 20th, daily from 12:30 p.m. to 2:10 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to 8:10 p.m. and from 6:00 a.m. on Nov. 27 through 2:00 a.m. on Nov. 28.

Fans around the world can witness the experience online at www.droiddoes.com/timessquare.

  • Craig

    I think Verizon is setting themselves up to look like idiots here. I will own a droid… but people will not be waiting in line for this like iPhone. It’s not a mainstream device. It’s a geek’s device. I guarantee Saturday blog posts will be showing no lines in front of Verizon stores.

    I love the Droid and plan to get one, but does anyone think it’s kinda weird their entire ad campaign is taking on a “geek targeted” approach? I’m sure the geek/techies like us are already sold on this thing. They made a mistake opening up the “better than iPhone” can of worms if they were going to follow it up with a geek-focused campaign. I work in advertising and I’m just wondering why they didn’t go more with a more mass-market approach to get wider adoption. Fighter jets? robot eyes? astoroids? Even when compared to the MyTouch commercials, Verizon’s TV spots are a total fail if they want to take the lead (or even) dent the penetration Apple has made in the “average” consumer market. I mean, even soccer mom’s are using iPhones. Apple did a better job at going after a wider variety of users in my opinion.

    And what the heck is up with not showing the phone at this point??? Dont you think that would lead to more people knowing what the heck the ad is about. Every tech blog has reviewed it already. Again, strictly from a product launch standpoint, gotta give it to Apple. Not one person saw the iPhone until Apple wanted them to.

    This is not an apple vs android comment. I’m just commenting on it from an ad strategy/product launch standpoint. I think it was completely botched from the beginning.

  • I'm by times square often I'll be there.

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