Verizon to Charge $15 for Exchange Access on the Droid? [UPDATE]

verizon_droid_bgr001Verizon, a name that is synonymous with the phrase “nickel and dime,” is at it again.  Wired has picked up on the reports that Verizon will charge Droid owners $15 for access to Microsoft Exchange’s ActiveSync. That $15 will be charged on top of the required $30 per month data plan.  So yeah, now you’re talking about $45 for data on top of your talk time.  Pretty steep stuff if you ask us.

As it stands, there are three options available to Droid owners:

  • $30/mo in addition to voice plan to add data
  • $45/mo in addition to voice plan to add data plus Exchange support
  • $50/mo for a data-only

How does Verizon justify this?  They claim the Droid is primarily a consumer phone and corporate e-mail usage rates apply to other smart phones… like BlackBerries.  Meh, kinda.  BlackBerry handsets that need to connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Systems (BES) for corporate email pay a premium.  This is slightly different than the BlackBerry Internet System (BIS) which many average consumers use.

So you still want Exchange support but don’t like paying through the nose for software?  Alternatives like NitroDesk’s TouchDown app seem like a downright steal with the one-time $9.99 charge.  You could always pick up a different handset too.  Owners of the HTC Hero, MyTouch 3G, and Samsung Moment all have access to ActiveSync free of charge.

Source: Mashable

BUT WAIT! We no sooner went to press with this article than were directed to a piece on PC MAG where Sascha Segan breaks it down for us.

“Second, whether you pay $30 or $45 doesn’t depend on what you’re doing with the phone. You can hit Exchange email on the $30 plan just fine. It depends onwhat kind of Verizon Wireless account you have. If you have a personal account or family plan, your data will cost $30/month. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Microsoft Exchange, Facebook, Gmail, or whatever – it’s $30. This is the same for all Verizon Windows Mobile and Android phones… Data on business accounts  “corporate liable,” multiple lines, purchased through business sales, usually mediated by an IT department – costs $45/month.” – As relayed by Verizon rep

To be fair, we put a question into the twitter feed for DroidDoes.  We want the clarification as badly as you do!

Second, whether you pay $30 or $45 doesn't depend on what you're doing with the phone. You can hit Exchange email on the $30 plan just fine. It depends on <i>what kind of Verizon Wireless account you have</i>.</p><p>If you have a <i>personal account or family plan</i>, your data will cost $30/month. It doesn't matter if you're using Microsoft Exchange, Facebook, Gmail, or whatever - it's $30. This is the same for all Verizon Windows Mobile and Android phones.
  • meanmcclean

    Well I guess looking at the current price comparrison with T-Mobile project Dark data package at 40 bucks a month, 45 isn't that bad if you need exchange access. Gmail acts as an exchange server in it's own right. Depends on what your need is. Is ms exchange that important? if it is is $15 more per month really a rip off? again we are talking 5 bucks more over T-Mobile's data around the same with sprints package and let's not even begin to talk about At&t. Personally it sucks but there are alternatives hell as a current G1 owner i have no exchange support OOB so whats the difference?

    • I don't where you're looking at but the unlimited data plan to add on to the new pricing is $25 a line. And it's even less if you choose a package with it included. Just yesterday I switched my wife and I's phones over to the even more plus plan and have 1500 minutes and unlimited data and text for $120 /mo. I checked with Verizon to see what the cost would be for the same thing and they told me it would run $180 with 150 less minutes.

  • DailyReader

    Read the comments on the site you listed. It seems to be much ado about nothing. The $45 is for corporate accounts, not personal accounts. Corporate accounts have always been more expensive than personal accounts, for ATT and Verizon both.

    This guy makes it clear:,2817,2355249,00.a

    Please verify stuff before reposting 😉 I depend on you guys for all my android information.

  • Justa Notherguy


    > Corporate accounts have always been more expensive than personal accounts…

    Exactly what I've been telling everyone and posting everywhere, ever since this 'story' first broke…later to be gleefully spread by the ever-watchful, ever-jealous iPhone crowd. LOL Everyone conveniently ignored the fact that differentiation between 'personal' and 'enterprise' plans has been common, for several years.

    How dos this effect the average AT&T or VZW user? Hardly. If you say its a 'personal' account, then that's what it is. Moreover, AT&T's base data plans are virtually identical to the supposedly exorbitant Verizon Wireless plans; ~$30/mo. for personal accounts and ~$45/mo. for business accounts.

    AT&T's corporate plan offers some additional value but does not have an exclusive on Exchange access…tho I'm guessing that is _exactly_ what they hope their customers will think, after a check of the pricing-options.:

  • Yet another reason why I continue to hate Verizon (aka the spawn of Satan)…

    See my previous rant from back in September…

    I do have to admit though, they have made SOME progress since I wrote this.

  • so what are they going to somehow take the exchange client off the phone if you don't sign up for the extra 15 a month or decide to later turn it off? I have a feeling itwill work if you don't pony up.

    • Can'tSay

      It does work if you don't pony it up.

  • Craig

    Now today it's been confirmed that they are increasing the Early Termination Fee on the Droid to $350!!!! That's double the price it is now!! And worse, you can't keep the phone if you buy it and pay the early termination fee!!

    I knew Verizon would screw their customers with a sucker punch after they couldn't gouge them for navigation and other services now that they're "open". Yeah right Verizon!!! You're ridiculous!!!!!

    I'll head over to AT&T and go GSM so at least I can pop the SIM and move a little bit easier. I'm sure they will do it too. It's backlash over FCC poking their heads in. If FCC limits one fee, telcos will roll it into another fee. They won't lose money, we will as the consumer who picks up the slack.

    • who knows

      the reason is that people will buy it at 2 year contract price, term and then sell it on ebay. take the tour for example. $149.99 after rebate plus $175, you get $325. the full retail is $489.99, a savings of $165 and then go sell it on ebay for $500-$600. people scam the crap out of it, so they make it that you cant do it. it makes sense and id be surprised if at&t didnt follow suit soon enough.

    • Can't Say

      Believe you me, with the money being lost from fraudulent purchases, all the major carriers will soon do the same. VZW offers buy one get one on blackberry. Any guy can walk up, but 2, get 2 free, cancel the two contracts, turn around and sell on ebay. And make nothing but profit. Verizon had to protect themselves from a loss. It has nothing to do with them profiting more.

      Furthermore, it's a CONTRACT. If people are so scared over a one or two year contract, they have the option to get the phone at full retail price.

  • no comment on the stupidity of verizion…. i just goes to prove how t-mobile is still the best bang of your buck when it comes to android phones….

    o also one last thing…. Best Buy people dont' know this about the exchange information where verizon owners have to pay. so go to your neighborhood best buy and go get a good laugh at them when they tell you its free and they admit how they are a bunch of retards that where blue.

    • Can't Say

      T-Mobile if affordable. True. However, their network coverage vs. verizon doesn't compare much at all. Tons of folks are turning in their G1s in favor of a better network.

  • tac

    I got a Droid last Friday and was able to set up Exchange mail access using the "corporate mail" app that comes with the phone. No additional charge.

  • i like verizons network but they charge way too much.

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