March 27, 2015

Check it Out! It's an Unboxed DROID Eris!

droid_eris_unboxedThere’s not much more to say aside from the headline.  Boy Genius Report has a tipster who scored an HTC Droid Eris from who-knows-where and has a few pictures from an unboxing.  We grabbed two that we liked and listed them here.  Warning: The entire gallery is only 5 shots so don’t head there expecting to see the phone from every angle.

What does BGR’s tipster say about the phone?  “…the phone is thinner and lighter than the Sprint HTC Hero, feels much better in the hand, and is generally the best Android device besides the Motorola DROID our connect has used.

That’s all we needed to hear!droid_eris_unboxed2

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  1. carig

    so I guess phones no longer have to be "Google experience" devices to get the "with Google" branding? or is it that Google experience devices can have 3rd party skins (like sense)?

  2. Flick

    Now I'm wondering if I should have waited for the Eris instead of getting the Hero this month. Can't wait to find out more!


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