ADC2 Results Going Out to Developers

adc2logoTwitter is, uhm, all atwitter with Android developers’ reports of receiving word from Google of how they did in the first round of the Android Developer Challenge 2.

You may recall that judging for the first round began in late September, and finished up on October 6.  Since then, it’s been stony silence, leading to speculation that the whole thing had been scrapped. Complicating matters, T-Mobile rolled out Android 1.6 right in the middle of first round judging, causing issues with users trying to evaluate ADC2 candidates written for 1.5 (per the contests requirements).

But with results from the first round going out by email today, one can assume that the 2nd round will start soon.  In round 2, the ADC2 app should become active again, allowing users to score the top 20 apps in each category from round 1. These scores will be combined with those of a panel of expert judges to determine the winners.

Here’s the email being sent out to semi-finalists.  By the way, congratulations to ChickenBrick Studios for Project I.N.F. making it through to round two!

Congratulations! Your application ‘ProjectINF ADC’ was selected by Android users as one of the top 20 in the Arcade category! We’re excited that you chose to participate in the ADC 2 and wish you luck in the final round as your application is evaluated by users and a panel of judges.

For full information on the challenge, please see our official site:

ADC 2 Support

Update: The ADC 2 judging app has been updated and round 2 apps are being delivered for evaluation. Congrats and good luck to all those who made it to round 2!

  • I made it to the top 25% of all submitted but not the top 20 in my category.

    • Me, too.. Got notified that "according to the scores submitted by users, [my] application 'WiFi Buddy' ranked in the top 25% of all applications submitted."

      Anyway.. Never thought that it would be that good. It's just a simple stupid helper app 🙂

  • I thought it was interesting that Google has said they want to increase Android's enterprise reach, and yet they didn't have a Business category in the competition. My app, Handy Quote, didn't make it to round two in Productivity/Tools, is it too business-oriented?

  • spocky

    My app (category advertisement) had 5 stars out of 5 with 100-500 downloads, only 3 days before end of round 1 (seen in market thanks to manual adc2 download mode. I've got a screenshot proving it). Yet, it has not been selected for round 2. They said I was in the bottom 50%… I wonder what was the rating of the selected ones 🙂

  • Dhawal

    My app MoVue made it to the second round in the Travel Category :). You can find the review here:

  • Hi
    Both of our applications – GangWars and EntertainMe are in the top 20 in their category !

  • Our game K’UMPA made it:

    Great news just 3 days after we released it to the Android Market (it’s free and has 4.5 stars):

  • simon

    How did you guys find out how well your app did? mine(MicroJam) got through to the second round but i've had no word from google.