Slacker Radio Arrives on Android – We Celebrate With a Contest!


slacker_on_verizon_droidSlacker, Inc. announced today that their Slacker Radio app is now available for Android handsets.  Music lovers can get the free application immediately by visiting from an Android phone or by downloading it from the Android Market.  Those of you grabbing a DROID this weekend will be able to find the free Slacker Radio app via the Verizon channel of the Android Market on the phone.

Slacker provides a nearly unlimited number of custom stations including over 100 expert-programmed channels, seasonal,  and spotlight stations!  On top of all that, they already offer stations to over 10,000 artists.  One of Slacker’s features is that it gives listeners artist biographies, album reviews, station fine tuning, “peek ahead” song previews and song lyrics. Similar to other personalized radio stations, Slacker listeners can favorite songs.  Unlike most though, users can also ban songs and artists.  This helps create that perfect radio station where every song elicits an “I LOVE THIS SONG!”.



The flexibility of Android allows the app to run in the background so users can go about their other business. Oh yeah, they also have a neat little widget on the desktop so you can control your station too.


In honor of today’s announcement, we’re going to be giving away a 1-year subscription of Slacker Radio Plus to 3 lucky winners! How do you enter?  Just leave a comment below with something simple.  We know you love the simple “I’m In!” stuff so that works.  We’ll run this through the weekend and randomly draw the names on Sunday, November 8th.

Winner will be required to create a free Slacker account and provide us with the email address used.

Good Luck!


  1. "Unfortunately, Slacker Personal Radio is currently only available in the United States." — I really hate this kind of services. Good luck for the rest and kudos for the contest

  2. If anybody deserves a free 1-year subscription to Slacker Radio Plus, it's me! I deserve it because I am the most awesome person of all time.

  3. This looks cool …I actually use all of these because they each do a better job playing what I want depending on the genre

    I wouldn’t mind the subscription either

  4. I'm so totally in. I LOVE SLACKER. I've been a slacker member for quite some time now and listen to it all the time. I am planning on getting a driod soon so a free slacker plus membership would be awesome.

  5. I love Slacker Radio and I listen to it on my computer at home and on my iPod touch. I am glad that it is now available for the Android platform because it means I will be able to listen to music on my cell phone anywhere!

  6. Dude I got a nice car system that I hook my G1 the G stands fo the Godfather of Android Devices. Man it would be nice to here Slacker cruzin through the town & on down the coast, while I'm workin out to my BT Stereo Headphones at the gym

  7. I listen to Slacker Radio every day on my Blackberry. I can always find my favorite songs instantly when I'm in a Wifi hotspot, and the cache feature allows me to listen to around 20 of my favorite stations anytime I want. Additionally, one can always see Slacker Radio as a tab on my web browser. The free account would be really useful to me. Select me please!

  8. Yay! I use this all the time on my blackberry, and was hoping it would come out before I got my Droid in two weeks….The Tech Gods have smiled upon me!!!! 🙂

  9. yeah about getting this great app running on a great platform! I am up for renewal on cellphones and with so many choices this could be a great christmas.

    also I'm in 😛

  10. Never used them before, but I just set it up on my Moment and other than the occasional stutter that all streaming radio apps have, it's working well. Slacker's sound quality is better than

    Also… they have a setting that will allow the screen to stay on while connected to a power source. I've wondered why these ad supported streaming radio apps haven't done this before. It's nice to be able to glance over and see what's playing and to like or ban a song without having to power on the screen.

  11. I've been an occasional Slacker user (never before with a Pro account); with an Android app available, I'll doubtless be making much more consistent use.

  12. Long time slacker user on my BB but gonna join the darkside and come to Android…lol so a little music would make the change just that much easier.

  13. I just have to throw the wrench in this love fest. I love Pandora! Always did. I tried Slacker today and I just can't stand the interface. And maybe I'm lucky but I was always amazed how well Pandora nails stuff I like.

    • Actually – I've been using Slacker on the web for awhile now and you can create very detailed stations, much more so than Pandora – so to each his own I guess! I just looked at the motorola droid phone today and have to say that slacker looks very cool on it, now I just need to get one 🙂

  14. I was going to comment and then saw it is only available in the USA. It's a shame cos I am really looking for a descent music app on the move. I have tried last FM which is ok,

  15. Slacker's the absolute best free customizable internet radio! I use it all the freaking time so a free subscription would be the best!

  16. Looking forward to seeing how this compares to Pandora,, and the like.

    Though ultimately what I *really* want is an idiot-proof way to stream my huge, unwieldy iTunes library to my Android device (if Simplify Media can't come through with an Android app, I have to imagine someone else can).

  17. Hook me up with a upgraded version so the guys at the firehouse can have some nice songs to listen too over our bluetooth radio from the phone. love slacker

  18. This is the FIRST app I on my Android phone–Samsung Moment!
    (Thank God I didn't get the Palm Pre)
    I want Slacker Radio Plus for a year!!!