December 21, 2014

Slacker Radio Arrives on Android - We Celebrate With a Contest!

slacker_on_verizon_droidSlacker, Inc. announced today that their Slacker Radio app is now available for Android handsets.  Music lovers can get the free application immediately by visiting from an Android phone or by downloading it from the Android Market.  Those of you grabbing a DROID this weekend will be able to find the free Slacker Radio app via the Verizon channel of the Android Market on the phone.

Slacker provides a nearly unlimited number of custom stations including over 100 expert-programmed channels, seasonal,  and spotlight stations!  On top of all that, they already offer stations to over 10,000 artists.  One of Slacker’s features is that it gives listeners artist biographies, album reviews, station fine tuning, “peek ahead” song previews and song lyrics. Similar to other personalized radio stations, Slacker listeners can favorite songs.  Unlike most though, users can also ban songs and artists.  This helps create that perfect radio station where every song elicits an “I LOVE THIS SONG!”.



The flexibility of Android allows the app to run in the background so users can go about their other business. Oh yeah, they also have a neat little widget on the desktop so you can control your station too.


In honor of today’s announcement, we’re going to be giving away a 1-year subscription of Slacker Radio Plus to 3 lucky winners! How do you enter?  Just leave a comment below with something simple.  We know you love the simple “I’m In!” stuff so that works.  We’ll run this through the weekend and randomly draw the names on Sunday, November 8th.

Winner will be required to create a free Slacker account and provide us with the email address used.

Good Luck!

  • Steve McGarrett


  • Snuffy

    Long time slacker user on my BB but gonna join the darkside and come to Android…lol so a little music would make the change just that much easier.

  • Roland

    Count me in please. It will help me get over the disappointment of aList not making round 2 of ADC2.

  • hbrantley

    Works great – would love the plus version!

  • editmachine

    I would love to be a slacker

  • Unsecure

    I'll take a free subscription.

  • crunchmd

    Please Santa. I want free Slacker on my Droid tomorrow!

  • Will

    Still pondering picking up an android, but want you all to know this will be the FIRST app I grab if I get my mitts on one!


  • @sbruno74

    Yeah! I hope I win!

  • tjg11235

    I'm in!

  • @Josh_Smith

    I love that new apps are coming to Android!

  • Brandon

    Definitely in. Kickass!

  • droidin

    I just have to throw the wrench in this love fest. I love Pandora! Always did. I tried Slacker today and I just can't stand the interface. And maybe I'm lucky but I was always amazed how well Pandora nails stuff I like.

    • JeremyK

      Actually – I've been using Slacker on the web for awhile now and you can create very detailed stations, much more so than Pandora – so to each his own I guess! I just looked at the motorola droid phone today and have to say that slacker looks very cool on it, now I just need to get one :)

  • Mike

    I'm in – gimme!

  • A lopez

    Another reason i'm getting my moto droid!

  • CoconutJD

    More choices on Android=Win.

  • JonD

    Will get my Droid Saturday so I can use this!

  • brandon

    i'm in, and stuff!

  • SSK

    Would love to try out slacker, especially on Android!

  • Supreeth

    count me in for the contest :) ….

  • Chellew620

    Count me in!

  • Kris

    Android 2.0 FTW. I'm IN.

  • Rob Bradley

    count me in, too!

  • Demi Adejuyigbe

    I'm in!

  • SDsc_rch

    already downloaded it! love it!!

  • AndroidFTW

    slacker > pandora


  • Jussi

    I'm in!

  • Jose

    count me in. slacker radio is good ish!

  • Jobeth66

    I'd take a subscription!

  • Dancing Bear

    I was going to comment and then saw it is only available in the USA. It's a shame cos I am really looking for a descent music app on the move. I have tried last FM which is ok,

  • Captain Harrr

    Slacker Radio + Android? The only thing that could possibly be better is Android and Slacker Radio Plus.

  • RuskaFamily

    I can't wait to start playing w/ my Droid.

  • Jimmags

    Sweet! Replaced my iPhone with a Droid phone. So much cooler. And now I have Slacker again.

  • Paul W

    Awesome I’m in!

  • Kaitlyn

    Slacker's the absolute best free customizable internet radio! I use it all the freaking time so a free subscription would be the best!

  • @ramcosca

    Man, Slacker is AWESOME! Gonna go fetch it now!

  • Kaad_g

    Hmm, Never tried Slacker Radio, we'll have to try it as soon as I get my phone.

  • schwiz

    Slacker was the first internet radio I had ever used, I would love a free upgrade :)

  • Supitsmike

    Slacker sounds pretty hot! Give this little guy a shot at it!

  • EricLarson

    sooooo glad slacker finally arrived!:)))

  • Davest010

    Sure, I'm in for a free subscription.

    What are you getting, though, that you don't get for free on Pandora?

  • Riles

    I use the free Slacker all the time, a full account would be awesome.

  • Nick

    I'm in!!

  • Tony

    Yowza! I’m in!

  • aural6


  • peejaybee

    I'm in!

  • Bobby

    I’m down with this, as I also slack…

  • Tom

    Slacker Radio FTW

  • psoleko

    Slacker rocks!

  • Vnssa906

    This is cool… I loved using Slacker Radio on my BlackBerry (trial run) and would love to have it on my MyTouch!