Behold More Cube!


tmo_beholdIIThe boys at TmoNews were sent a video that show what the UI looks like for the Behold II.  Being both Android-based and TouchWiz, we’re anxious to see how the interface works.  What’s with the cube? The (grainy) video below gives us a few minutes of how everything works.  It appears Samsung has done a great job balancing TouchWiz with Android, not going too far in either direction.

There’s also an earlier, more grainy video of the cube if you’d like to see it.


  1. The cube looks like it is the same app that is available on the market called CubeWorks. You can download a trial version or pay .99 cents for the full thing. It's a cool concept but I found it to be slow and cumbersome with upgrades though it could be cool.

    not a fan of touchwiz