Behold More Cube!

tmo_beholdIIThe boys at TmoNews were sent a video that show what the UI looks like for the Behold II.  Being both Android-based and TouchWiz, we’re anxious to see how the interface works.  What’s with the cube? The (grainy) video below gives us a few minutes of how everything works.  It appears Samsung has done a great job balancing TouchWiz with Android, not going too far in either direction.

There’s also an earlier, more grainy video of the cube if you’d like to see it.

  • Kevin

    The cube looks like it is the same app that is available on the market called CubeWorks. You can download a trial version or pay .99 cents for the full thing. It's a cool concept but I found it to be slow and cumbersome with upgrades though it could be cool.

    not a fan of touchwiz

  • Nealio

    Is this thing running 1.5? That would be a disappointment, also not a fan of touch wiz.

  • TareX

    Easily the worst Android UI ever…. wow…

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