Google is Pushing Droid on its Homepage

Droid on Google.comThe picture really says it all. Google is obviously fully part of the big Droid launch marketing today, giving it a coveted link on the homepage.

The “learn more” link leads to a page on Google headed “Search on Droid by Motorola.” The page includes photos of the Droid, a bit of text highlighting voice search, the quick search box and Google’s new turn-by-turn navigation. There’s also a blue box with a couple of links off to Verizon.

These blue-box links might be slightly controversial to some; those of us familiar with these kinds of pages on Google expect those links to lead to other pages. I found it a bit jarring when I saw that I was heading to the dark, dark land of Verizon.

Edit: I forgot to mention Bert and Ernie. Details are hazy, but apparently Bert and Ernie are either fans or paid endorsers of the Droid. (The previous sentence is not true.)

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  • Bert: Hey Ern-dawg, whatcha doin?
    Ernine: Hey Bert, just got this new "Droid" phone! Much better than that stupid rubber ducky I've been singing about.
    Bert: No wahy bro-sef, you should have totally gotten an iPhone, it's got the App Store. Check it, I can make my voice sound like T-Pain, wicked cool.
    Ernie: That's nice, but check out the Google Maps Navigation! I can use it with my voice. Listen: "Droid, can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?"
    Bert: hahahah, check it, "pull my finger" awesome

  • Ted417

    @AndroidNewb… roflmao!! Now that’s funny! 😀

  • enjoijams

    They did the same thing for the g1 on the day of its launch.