October 30, 2014

Google is Pushing Droid on its Homepage

Droid on Google.comThe picture really says it all. Google is obviously fully part of the big Droid launch marketing today, giving it a coveted link on the Google.com homepage.

The “learn more” link leads to a page on Google headed “Search on Droid by Motorola.” The page includes photos of the Droid, a bit of text highlighting voice search, the quick search box and Google’s new turn-by-turn navigation. There’s also a blue box with a couple of links off to Verizon.

These blue-box links might be slightly controversial to some; those of us familiar with these kinds of pages on Google expect those links to lead to other Google.com pages. I found it a bit jarring when I saw that I was heading to the dark, dark land of Verizon.

Edit: I forgot to mention Bert and Ernie. Details are hazy, but apparently Bert and Ernie are either fans or paid endorsers of the Droid. (The previous sentence is not true.)