Search, Better

gm_searchOne of the most exciting things about Android is that it is constantly changing. We were all anxious for Cupcake, Donut and now for Eclair. Admit it, you waited by your phone anxiously anticipating the moment it informed you of the availability of a new system update. Some changes come under the radar however. New and improved mobile search is one such stealth improvement you might have missed.

Google Search Options have existed on your desktop for most of 2009. These options allow you to filter your searches based on results (blogs, news, videos, etc.) and time (24 hours, week, year, etc.). Google announced recently that the same helpful filtering options are now available to mobile users.

Let’s say you want to buy Beatles Rockband for the Wii. You can Google that and get lots of information. Too much information most likely. Google Search Options to the rescue! Click Options then Reviews from within your results window and you get only others’ opinions about your intended purchase. Want more? Click Options and Past 24 Hours and you get only the latest and greatest information regarding reviews. All done? Click Options and Reset Options to clear the filter settings. Very cool.

Now that might not have been the best example because we know you were going to buy Beatles Rockband anyway, right?  Hopefully it served to introduce this new feature that once you start using you may find yourself relying on more and more. I do.