‘Zagat To Go’ Arrives on Android Today

ztgdroid--details-wOTA full press release should hit the wires later today, but we’ve got some early information on the new Android app from Zagat.   The new app is called Zagat To Go and it comes a few months after the launch of ‘nru‘ from a few months back.  One of the longest running series of mobile apps (since 2000), the Android version marks the second touchscreen iteration after the iPhone one.  The $9.99 app is highly popular for Apple (#1 grossing Travel) gives users full access to 45+ Zagat Guides of information.Unlike nru, Zagat To Go is all about the data and the power user looking to make educated decisions about dining out. Users have the full Zagat Ratings  for food, service, decor, and down-to-the-dollar cost estimates! Naturally, the app also offers the official Zagat review for each restaurant, bar, hotel, etc. Built to use GPS-location awareness, users will always have Zagat-Rated restaurant recommendations at arm’s length.
Want to filter your search?  Advanced Search can narrow results down by scale, cost, and more.  This means you can specifically select a restaurant that’s a 20+  on food scale, costs less than 50 dollars, is child-friendly, in midtown, and serves Italian food.  Yup!  Precise, isn’t it?

Other features include online reservation integration, favorites, photo browsing, and links to websites for menus.  And thanks to Android, there’s a home screen widget too!  Look for Zagat to Go in the Android Market.