Somewhere Over The Rainbow

over_rainbow_droid2Oh, boy do I feel cheated! Gone, gone are the honeymoon days when I had this wonderful love affair with my brand shiny new MyTouch. The bride turned out to be a little bit too old, not very smart and missing some very important qualities.

To my own horror I found myself lurking in the dark corners of the blogosphere, catching glimpses of new sexy things to come, enviously reading about all of the glamorous and exciting things they will do for their lucky masters. Fast, slick, young…

No, I definitely have cheated, there’s the only one way out – dump your old beau and get this seductress who will softly whisper in my ear “Drooooiiiiiid“.  Hmmm… Tempting!

But on the second thought, it will probably cost me an arm and a half of a leg to bail out of the contract and switch carriers. Besides that, big T will probably start rolling “Eclairs” within a month so my already trusted phone will get just as smart. I do enjoy the fact that I can have a family plan and unlimited net and still pay under $100/month. I’m not missing things like physical keyboard (I’m a programmer, I’m practically attached to the computer) and I like the shape, the weight and the fact that I can put it in the pocket and forget that I even have the phone. Plus, even the newest of phones will grow old at some point too.

But there is a silver lining! After all, time is on my side©. I can’t even imagine what sort of a beast is awaiting me on the other end of my 2 year contract.  What do you think is waiting for us over the rainbow?

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  • penny

    I love my G1. It. Was the only boy in town at the time. Yes he has gotten old and has performace issues and could use a little blue pill right now. I still love him and I love my carrier I can see me upgranding sometime and when I do it won’t be to a different. Carrier. … Heck not only do I not have g3 yet but. I don’t even have EDGE and still love it.

  • offby1

    Do you have reason to believe that the G1 will get Eclair?

    • Even if it doesn't T-Mobile has commited to at least 10 Android phones in 2010 and some of them are said to be very High End models more than capable of 2.0 and above.

      I love my G1 and I love T-Mobile so I definately will be happy about that. I think they'll get 2.0 ported in one way or another onto G1 but obviously it won't be the Optimal experience nor would anybody WITH a G1 expect it to be.

    • Jeroen

      Do you have reason to believer that it will not get Eclair?

  • so well said!!
    I've got the Magic from Vodafone UK, and i've been suffering droid envy since i've seen it's bigger than the iFone, but you've helped me see it in a different light!
    cheers matey 🙂

    • You are welcome 🙂 Even Drod will get old (and fast) – so I decided to just relax and have me some fun

  • jereader

    crappy motorola hardware + eclaire = droid

    I am not impressed by the cheap design of the droid, and will more than happily wait for something better. Personally, I would love to see HTC refresh the G1 by keeping the current form factor (CHIN!) and updating the guts and brains to something more modern and powerful. I would buy that in a heartbeat!

    • I agree. I finally checked out Droid at local Costco last Sunday. Given that it wasn't a "real" phone but a demo it is actually (in my opinion) cheaper-looking phone than my MyTouch. And it ain't iPhone-killer no matter how cute is Verizon's ad

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