Droid Eris Commercial – Verizon Still Taking Shots at Apple’s 3G Network [VIDEO]

eris_commercialNot to be deterred by a lawsuit, Verizon is still going hard on Apple for their network, or lack thereof.  The most recent example come from a commercial featuring the Droid Eris handset.  Android aside, the spot is a rather clever one.  The iPhone arrives on the Island of Misfit Toys and the others can’t figure out why.  It’s not until the iPhone… well, we’ll let you see.

Let’s just say it’s yet another zinger that points out the fact that apps aren’t everything.

The commercial is definitely not based around Android or any specific handsets.  The Droid Eris and HTC Imagio take a backseat to the zinger.  Still, it’s a comforting feeling to see another Android device on television.

  • James

    Do these ads really work? I've had nothing but good luck with AT&T. Maybe they get iPhone users in NYC and S.F. and that is enough?

    • Drew

      down here in Louisiana, 3G on Verizon is available virtually everywhere, and I have to drive 90 miles to find it on AT&T. My friends on AT&T don't even use the web unless they are on WIFI on their iPhones here, its useless. I believe the ads because I have experienced them first hand as I used to have a phone on both networks simultaneously. AT&T has garbage coverage.

  • I think the title of this post should be:

    "Droid Eris Commercial – Verizon Still Taking Shots at *AT&T's* 3G Network [VIDEO]"

    It's really not Apple's network. They just make the crappy phone that happens to run on the crappy network.

    • Deusivnictus

      I'm glad someone beat me to the punch on mentioning this, but it still hasn't been fixed

  • man you should fix the title of this post i guess..