Trio of New Droid Ads [VIDEO]

droid_does_commercialsWe’re really starting to like the direction of Verizon‘s Droid campaign.  Why?  Because the public is finally being shown what can be done with Android.  T-Mobile has been offering Android phones for a year now, yet people don’t know what’s possible with the platform.  It’s time the world found what Droid Does.  Leave it to ads like these to help out.

Check out three new commercials for Droid which might already be on your DVR by the time you read this.

Source: Engadget Mobile

  • Andrew

    This is great advertising, finally Android is out there

  • Tase

    compare this to windows 7's and bing's ads…

  • daniel

    I'm so exited for android right now, "our" baby is growing so fast, lol
    (and I mean that as in the community's baby)

  • James

    These are much better commercials. They don't make any attempt to bash the iPhone but instead actually give people a reason buy the phone. They still seem male oriented though.

  • wrenchy

    WOW. Now those are great ads. It sure shows off the capabilities of the Droid.

  • cool thanks so much.. 🙂