QIK Supports 720×480 Streaming on DROID

qik_720x7480You can thank the folks at Motorola for this one.  Now that the DROID is out and Android hardware has started creeping upwards, Qik went and retooled their app to support higher resolution.  It will soon be possible to stream and record video at  720×480 goodness.  We say soon, because as of now, it’s in an invite-only stage.  Another feature added to Qik is the Speed Sharing Ribbon,” which displays at the bottom of the screen so users can share recorded videos quicker.

We’re crossing our fingers that this won’t be long.  This is one way to find out how good Verizon‘s data network is.

Below is a video we found over at Engadget Mobile.

  • anakin78z

    Daaaaamn. Now I feel so crappy with my sad, banged up, 3 month old G1.
    Qik streaming is awesome, and I want some of this high res goodness.

  • slim

    yea i agree.. we go payin all that money on these phones and the g1 was suppose to be one of the best.. its a good phone but once u get it its like they slowed down on all the good features.. its upsetting seeing every other phone with sooo much to do on it while the g1 is falling back!!! 🙁